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Hi Everyone! I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 Lipedema.

A single mom of a 5yr old that works out 4 days a week and tries to stick to a healthy diet....diagnosed with a disease associated with obesity?? How does this happen you might wonder? Because although on the outside the symptoms look like fat and obesity.....this is often not the case. I was a fairly healthy girl. My legs, upper arms, hips started growing rapidly despite the hard work and time that I spent taking care of myself. For more than 7 years now, I have been in chronic and extreme pain. Mostly with no explanation. I was mis-diagnosed with a couple of things that would account for the pain that I was feeling but the treatments and medications never had any impact. I was determined to find out EXACTLY what was happening to me bc I was pretty certain that the mystery had not been solved by the diagnosis that I received.

Finally, after seeing numerous specialists, I saw the one that "mattered" ...the one that spoke of a disease that explained all of my syptoms. Not just one or two of them. Why was it excruciating for me to be poked in my arms. Or bumped. Why was I in agony all the time. Sitting, didn't matter. Why had my affects ted areas grown inches in size over a period of time all the while I was living a healthy lifestyle.

Lipedema is a painful disease. Excruciating in my case. In has affected so many things in my life. Not being able to walk far distances, needing 3 days of recovery for 1 day at an amusement park with my son. I am not that old, I am pretty healthy... I can't really understand it. All I know is what I have been told by the specialist. Under my skin, there are hundreds, posibly thousands of fatty benign tumors. These tumors have caused my skin and my body as a whole to change drastically. It has taken a wicked toll on my body.

I currently have stage II Lipodema...quickly approaching Stage III. I require a couple of surgeries to "start over" to get my life back. That alone...the thought and now knowledge that I don't HAVE to live in pain is priceless. I will do whatever it takes.
Shortly after recieving my diagnosis, I received the second blow....the surgeries that I require are not covered here in Canada. The only way that I can have the surgeries are in the US and completely out-of-pocket. I want to give up. I want to just run away. But that 5 yr old looking up at me needs me. He needs me at my best. I have missed out on ALOT already and accepted it was just the way it is for me. I have been unable to play around, to chase him around, to play sports.... to do anything that involved impact. I don't HAVE to miss out anymore. I can do all these things once I have my surgery. These is absolutely the most important thing I will ever do for myself. I have to. Stage 3 & 4 of this disease come with further complications. Likely immobility and possibly requiring some type of care. I will not let that happen. I am the caregiver. I need help. I will accept help from anyone. The cost of my surgery to remove the benign fatty tumors and drain the infection and Lymphatic fluid is about $11,000 US Per surgery. I need at least 2. Minimum.
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