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We adopted Shade to help us recover from the loss of 2 other beloved pets. We are now coming together to help him battle cancer.

Shade is our wonderful, calm, regal, all-black German Shepherd mix. He would love to play and romp with us many more years. Shade has lymphoma at 3 years old.

We caught the cancer very early. We heard Shade cough one night and we immediately rushed him to the vet, thinking it might be distemper. Tragically, by the end of the exam, we could only wish it had been distemper. Shade’s lymph nodes were swollen. We took him to a specialist and X-rays showed a little bit in his lungs but that is gone now. He is going through the Madison protocol. I am hoping his young age will help him beat this disease.

Shade is now in remission and running around almost like he was before. Our vet says he is doing extremely well. The cancer specialist says that cancer is different in dogs than men. All they can say is that chemo usually adds 12-15 months to their life. If that turns out to be true, we are trying to make the next few months the best of his life. We have 3 other dogs but I always make sure to take Shade out for a walk by himself so he can enjoy it the way he wants to. I took him sailing last week on a 16-foot Hobie Cat and he just loved it, peering overboard, falling asleep several times and waking up when a wave splashed us. I say a prayer for him every morning and evening that he can outlast this and live a long life so we can go sailing many more times. I am spending as much time with him as I can and taking him with me everywhere I go. I've got some great pics of him that I will post later - it's tough to take a picture of an all-black dog!

We adopted Shade in late 2007 after having our hearts broken twice that year. Our beloved French Bassett, Hunter Dude, had passed away in May 2007 after 15 wonderful years. Only 3 months before, we had lost Easy. My wife and I spent a week in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina rescuing pets. It was simply an incredible experience. One beautiful Retriever mix won our hearts. He had the Orleans fun-loving attitude so we named him Easy. We found cancer on his hip a year later and had to put him down. It broke our hearts. Easy was also 3 years old. I have no idea what the odds are of having 2 straight dogs that get cancer at 3 years old but here we are.

Shade had a rough start to life, living in a rescue shelter his first year after his pregnant mother was dumped beside a highway. She gave birth to 9, yes, that’s 9 other siblings along with Shade. The owner of the rescue named all 10 after Indian tribes. Shade’s given name was Cree. On the way home, we were trying to come up with another good name for him. Just blocks from our house, we saw a Shady Creek Barbecue. Well, I didn’t want to name our new guy Shady but it sounded promising. It was shortened to Shade and, living in Texas, we laughed about how no matter how hot it got, we would always have Shade in our yard!

Despite his start in life, Shade is a very sweet, calm, well-mannered soul and he loves kids. He is the polite, mannerly little boy that you love to see walk in if you’ve ever been in a room with a bunch of unruly kids. His favorite trick is to carry all our shoes into the yard. He doesn’t harm them in any way, he just lays them down and returns for the next one! My wife left her closet door open one day and we wondered what we would find. When she drove up, there were 17 shoes laying in the side yard. It was hilarious!

He has very long legs and is very tall which makes him scary to most people, but Shade is loved by our neighbors. He is incredible with young children. Our neighbor’s son was 2 years old and was out in the yard one day. Shade ran up to him very fast, which scared all of us. Shade stopped just inches from him, sniffed him, and gave him 2 gentle licks! Now they play together!

The expense for the treatments in total are $4700 plus around $1000 for the initial X-rays and tests. All donations will go toward the cost of the chemo. I know that is a lot of money and most people don't understand why we do all of this for our dogs. I just can't stand the thought that Shade is only 3 and I want to give him as much life and love here on Earth as I can. He and I have really formed a bond through all of this.

Your donations to give Shade more years would be immensely appreciated and I will never forget the goodwill! Thank you so much!
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