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Her complications started with a visit to the doctor for a bladder infection that ended up with her in the Emergency Room having a severe reaction to the antibiotics she was given. After the reaction was cleared she went through multiple blood tests and rounds of antibiotics because her white blood cell count remained high .She was then referred to a hematologist with the fear of having a leukemia diagnosis.

After this doctor ran numerous tests on her blood cells she was diagnosed with iron , B-12 and folate deficient anemias. Through months of testing she has recently found out that this is due to a bleed in her gastrointestinal tract. At the age of only 28, she has also been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and early menopause. A recent pap smear showed cells that are either linked to worst case pre cancer cells or first stage cancer .She is pending results of a recent biopsy.

Audra has numerous tests and inpatient and outpatient surgical treatments ahead of her she has already taken a loan against her only investment and spent her entire savings on prescriptions, doctors, specialists, tests and biopsies. She has some medical insurance, but doesn’t cover much in the way of surgical treatments or any type of hospitalization. She is already $10,000 in medical debt and does not have the money to see things through.

She is facing a colonoscopy and possible surgery to treat her bleeding, along with a hysterectomy that may involve chemotherapy . Doctors have yet to find the sole source of her body’s struggle. She currently takes vitamin B-12 injections, liquid iron, folate pills, antivert for her dizziness and weakness, anxiety pills for her anxiety disorder and hormones to treat her early menopause. All these medications and supplements are only sustaining her while doctors figure out a certain plan of action.

Due to the anemia and her weakened immune system, she recently caught 3 infections and was placed on 2 more weeks of antibiotics. She cannot keep down solid foods and is forced to purchase supplement drinks to keep her going. Through all of this, she still works 40 to 50 hours per week while dealing with constant pain and weakness, dizziness, not being able to keep food down and feeling hopeless.

Audra is out of money and really needs help pay for upcoming appointments, treatments, and surgerys. As part of her career she helps struggling people every day. She has always donated whatever she could to animal shelters and many more organizations. Her mother passed away when she was 15 years old and her father deals with numerous health issues, therefore she is unable to reach out to her immediate family for help. Right now she faces the fear that she may die if she is unable to keep coming up with the money for the numerous medical expenses she incurs.

Please help Audra breath some sigh of relief, every dollar counts and will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Victoria carter
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