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Send Steve and Teri love by helping them ease some of their financial burdens and aiding them in getting a Marker for the twins.

...and the greatest of these is love.
1st Corinthians 13

From the first day parents learn they are expecting a bond starts to form and every milestone from there it just grows; the first ultrasound, the first heart beat, the first touch of their precious baby. The precious person that God trusted and blessed us with fills our hearts with love that grows exponentially. For some their time on earth is short, but still very significant as we are all treasured children of The Most High God. Steve and Teri were blessed with Andrew and Allison for a very short time, merely a drop in the ocean of time. Even as a single drop of water makes ripples in the ocean. Andrew and Allison made their ripples in the lives of many of us here on earth. For Steve and Teri they have brought out strength and courage they may never have known, they made their love for each other run deeper, their love & devotion to Cadi unrelenting, and their dependence on God rock solid. Those reasons alone are enough to take the little ripples and make them waves in the world through Steve and Teri. I know these little ripples have also touched others in ways that have changed them as well. Here is our time to share with Steve and Teri how their little ripples they brought into this world have come into your life and what waves they going to make in the world. It’s also an opportunity for us to put a water drop back into Steve and Teri’s lives. With all the fight to keep Andrew and Allison in the womb along came growing medical expenses. The ripple we want to send back to them is the help and peace of mind that we can extend to them through some simple donations to help them with the tsunami of medical bills that are starting to flood in. On top of the bills we also want to help them get grave markers for Andrew and Allison. Please take a moment to consider what help you might be able to give and let’s shower Steve and Teri with love while they are dealing with the loss of Andrew and Allison. In addition to any money you might be able to give please send Steve and Teri a note of how their two little drops in the ocean are going to ripple on for years.

For those that don’t know their stories, here they are.

After several months of struggling to get pregnant Steve and Teri were well along the way with triplets and with everything looking as normal as can be with triplets they were getting excited and planning for their quickly expanding family. The pregnancy was high risk and one of the babies was smaller than the other two. Due to this they did loose one of the babies early on in the pregnancy, but this was going to give the other two a greater chance for survival and a better pregnancy for Teri. So, with sad hearts we moved forward. A few weeks later Teri ended up on bed rest for 5 weeks due to some complications. She was finally given the all clear and was working and the pregnancy was moving right along. They found out that they were having a boy AND a girl. Oh, how blessed could they be! Teri was about 19 weeks and a 5 days along and things were going good. Then late in the evening on Sunday April 3rd Steve & Teri had their world turned over and twisted inside out. Teri was terrified when she realized that her water had broken and within 15 minutes they were at the hospital and they were in a whirl wind of doctors and medication. The doctors explained to them that baby boys water had broken and that they were not sure how long they could keep him in the womb. There was risk for infection and that the baby boy was not going to be able to develop completely without the fluid that the sack provides.Teri spent a little over two weeks restricted to a hospital bed 24/7. Despite all the efforts of the doctors and Steve and Teri; Andrew Steven Hill was born & taken into God's hands Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 7:25PM. he weighed 10.7oz and was 9 1/2in. long.
With all the hard work of the medical staff baby girl was still in the womb. They were able to get Teri stable and stop labor so that baby girl could continue to grow. Only five days later Teri developed an infection and for her safety labor was started and Allison Page Hill was born, Friday, April 22, 2011 at 11:37AM & died at 12:45PM. She was 10.6oz & 10 3/4in.
A funeral Mass was held Thursday, April 28, 2011 at 10:00 am at Holy Family Catholic Church in Lincoln, IL. , immediately followed by repose in their final resting place at Holy Cross Cemetery, Lincoln, IL.

You don't realize how precious life is or how much you take for granted a healthy pregnancy till you live through the heart ache of loosing a child.

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