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Pray for healing and comfort after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and struggling to pay medical bills.

First, please know all of this is in God's hands and I have a long road ahead of me, but I'm ready for the challenge because through God and with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Also, this is the last thing I have thought about doing - asking for financial assistance. 

I'm extraordinarily embarrassed to be in the position to ask for financial assistance from the community, but more importantly I would like to ask for prayers. Prayers are what I truly need. God will hear your prayers for me and my family. 

I need financial assistance so I can heal and help care for mine and my husband's son who has Cerebral Palsy, scoliosis, seizures, upper respiratory issues, etc. My husband has to work and cannot afford to leave his job to care for me when I am sick and when my son is sick.

Our savings has been used to help pay for treatments. We do not have health insurance because we simply cannot afford it. Our family cannot afford to help us and we have no family nearby to help us.

Nevertheless, on to how I was bitten by over 30 ticks and caught Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Our former neighbors, who lived behind us were leasing their home from a home leasing company. The man who lived in this house cut down a huge number of trees and left them in his backyard in two monstrous piles. Those piles of trees, along with leaves, and what was once a decomposing soggy, moistened filled pile of logs were a welcoming home, a breeding ground, a tick habitation, and an infestation opportunity for ticks as there are many deer in this area as well as mice and squirrels who also carry ticks and diseases. Between June - October 2014, I was bitten by various ticks from our own back yard.

I was rushed to the hospital on May 4, 2016 with what the doctors thought was a stroke, but it turned out to be Bell's Palsy - just one of the 47 symptoms I have out of 71 for LD and I stayed there for 6 days - all the while trying to convince both the medical  doctors and Infectious Disease doctors that  I still have LD and RMSF. They would not listen to me. I had several tests ran - X-ray, EEG, EKG, Bubble Test, Lumbar Puncture, blood drawn, etc. and was asked to come back to the hospital twice a day after I was discharged to have an infusion of Rocephin administered via a PICC line in my right arm.

I was finally able to get an appointment at a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) office and was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease that has been manfesting for over a year now. The LLMD's services are not going to be cheap by any stretch. All the treatments are not going to be cheap either. And, I have a long road ahead of me to heal.

My medical bills are currently at $40,187.06 and this number is expected to grow exponentially after I receive more bills. I have filled out mounds of paperwork for the hospital to try to get on Medicaid, but because we do not have children living at home with us under the age of 18, we cannot get approved.

If you decide to pray - God Bless You so very much for doing so. If you decide to pray and give, God Bless You so very much and I am forever grateful to you for either decision you make  Thank you so very much in advance.

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