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Cite Soleil is a landfill with residents. It is the poorest community in Haiti, with no access to water, sanitation services or aid relief. Aid organizations refuse to enter its gates out of fear. Help Amanda get supplies and tents to Cite Soleil!

The people of Cite Soleil have lost their homes and most of their possessions as a result of the January 12th earthquake in Haiti. They are currently living on the streets without any sort of aid. Amanda Furness Kijera and her Haitian partner Robinson Remedor have a plan to get them basic supplies but they need your help!

Your donations will be used to purchase tents for the residents of Cite Soleil, sheet metal and plastic for the rebuilding of their homes, hygiene kits, cooking utensils and charcoal with which they can cook. The will also be used to help begin rebuilding the Mission Ranch orphanage. Several desperately needed communication and building tools are posted on the wish list associated with this fundraising drive as well. You will be emailed updates and photos of the good that your money is going to do directly and immediately in Cite Soleil, without the delay of bureaucracy! You'll also be able to read Amanda's blog and news reports, which will soon be available on the website that the two are developing!

 Some Background:

Port-Au-Prince is built on a mountain. The city's rich, light-skinned residents live at its top, while PAP's poorest, dark-skinned residents live at the bottom of the hill, along the coastline. Since PAP has no sewage infrastructure, when it rains all of the city's garbage filters down into Cite Soleil, which is in effect a dumping ground for the entire city. The problem is that people actually live there. About 300,000 of them!

Since 2008, Amanda Furness Kijera has been volunteering in Cite Soleil. She has worked in the medical clinic at Mission Ranch Orphanage as well as with its orphans. Her long-term dream is to open a kibbutz-style community center in Cite Soleil that will offer employment opportunities and vocational training along with a slew of other services. 

In response to the earthquake in Haiti, Amanda has decided to relocate to Haiti in order to administer aid relief alongside her partner Robinson. Robinson has been caring for the 14 children at Mission Ranch single-handedly for several years, and he often sidelines as a translator for military and relief missions visiting Port-Au-Prince. Together, they hope to give real and lasting aid to the people of Cite Soleil in a way that will encourage dignity and self-sufficiency. 

Those same people thank you in advance for your help, and God Bless!


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