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Our family has always believed in helping those in need and that if you are blessed we should help those less fortunate or those in need.

With that being said the need is now personal, our youngest brother Brandon, who is forty-two years old, has been battling stage two stomach cancer since March. This is his second diagnosis with cancer, the first being at the age of 32. Brandon was able to beat esophageal cancer back in 2005 with chemotherapy, radiation therapy and an esophagectomy.

Brandon is the father of 4 daughters, but is truly a Daddy to his daughters. Brandon's girls are avid equestrians, participate in Girl Scouts, 4-H, gymnastics, and basketball. They also enjoy fishing and hunting with their Dad. Despite his current health he is still trying his best to do these activities with his children. He says “this is what I am fighting for”. Brandon has been awarded “show Dad” of the year by their local horse show club that his daughters participate in. Our nieces inherited their love of horses from both their Dad and their Mom. Brandon has been a basketball and softball coach and participates where he can in his daughter’s Girl Scout troop including the yearly “Father Daughter” dance.
Our brother is a certified Farrier and Large Equipment Sales Rep. He has not been able to shoe horses at all since February, and has missed a lot of time from his full time job as well. He has pushed to provide for his family, instead of resting like the doctors want him to do. Brandon doesn’t want to see his children do without.
Currently he has nightly TPN infusions and daily chemotherapy. These, as well as all the other hospital bills, have become overwhelming to say the least. Brandon will be having a total gastrectomy (stomach removal), they will be patching in a section of colon to connect his esophagus to his digestive tract. This is a high risk surgery that it is not commonly done. Brandon’s prior esophagectomy is the reason for such a delicate surgery. His hospital stay for this surgery will be two to three weeks, once home his recovery before returning to work will be another 6-8 weeks at a minimum. This is going to create many more co-pays and Brandon will be out of work for quite some time with the nightly TPN infusions continuing indefinitely.
Brandon is prideful and struggling to work his primary job to just keep their home and normal bills current.

Our late Mother used to say "pride goeth before the fall" and although she wasn't speaking monetarily I do believe she would support our endeavors to try and help our little brother. Our family and his wife's family are trying to help as best we can and again he is prideful but has allowed us to help with the girl's activities as they are dealing with enough without adding the loss of activities or too much free time to focus on Daddy's health.

In closing, please count your blessings and know that any kindness would be greatly appreciated God bless you and yours.
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