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On April 16, my family experienced a devastating house fire that took everything.

Our house was a total loss, the fire having started in my room, and it took everything I owned with it. My family was told by their insurance company at the scene of the fire that they were going to receive a years' worth of free rent until their new house was built. When my mother went to sign the papers to make it official, the insurance company turned around and said that since their house had been a double wide, they were only going to provide MY family with 2 months' rent, instead of the year that they had verbally promised.
This has been a huge hit for everyone in my family, especially on me. Everything I owned, excluding six pairs of clothes, was lost to the fire. This fund is to help pick up the pieces a little bit and try to relieve the stress that I'm facing. The money donated is going to be primarily used to get her new clothes, a new laptop so that she doesn't have to rely on her school's laptop, and new shoes.
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