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Lets Show some support for my friend Kelly Drummond. A single Mother of 3 kids and a 4 time cancer survivor. Lets help her in the fight.

Hi My name is Kelly and my story begins in May of 2000 at the age of 23. I went to my primary care doctor who thought I had just bitten my tongue who sent me to a oral surgeon to be proactive and on the safe side. The Oral surgeon decided to first have me use a paste on the area. It was not until white spots showed up under my tongue that my oral surgeon decided to biopsy the white spots. The biopsy came back as pre cancer. He then biopsied the sore itself. I was then diagnosed with stage 2 oral cancer. I underwent surgery that involved removing a portion of the right side of my tongue, and a radical neck dissection. I also received the maximum dose of radiation that I would ever be able to have.

Five years later after my first diagnosis I would learn that would not be my last battle with cancer. I would have been considered cancer free at my 5year mark. However, a small lesion appeared on the right side of my tongue where the initial cancer had been found. I underwent additional surgery and had to have more of the right side of my tongue removed.

In May of 2009 a lesion appeared in my thyroid area when I had my yearly PET Scan looking for mouth cancer. Initially the ENT Dr from KU was going to just watch it. I was not comfortable with his decision and decided to seek out a endocrinologist. Within one week I had a biopsy that came back as papillary thyroid cancer and immediately surgery was scheduled. After surgery we were informed my cancer had spread to the lymph nodes behind my thyroid gland and I would have to be watched very closely. I received radiation in pill form.

Later that year in October of 2009 I went to the dentist for a routine check up. I was experiencing issues due to the radiation which destroyed my salivary glands. This causes me to be more susceptible to cavities. I had an x-ray to determine the condition of the cavities. It appeared that my right lower jaw was necrotic, meaning the tissue and bone was dead. So I was scheduled to have hyperbaric oxygen treatments. In the middle of the treatments however it was discovered that I had another larger lesion in my mouth on the right side of my tonsil area. It was then biopsied and came back between stage 3 and 4. In order to get the best care and because KU had missed my thyroid cancer I thought it would be best to go to the Ellis Fischel cancer center in Columbia Missiouri.

When I arrived at Ellis Fischel in October '09 they did a full work up on me to see just how extensive the cancer was. It was determined that it involved the right side of my tounge, the floor of my mouth on the right side, and all of the lower right side of my jaw. The first surgery included removing the right side of my tounge the floor of my mouth on the right side and all of my lower right jaw. Additional surgery was needed because not all of the cancer in my jaw was removed they reconstructed my jaw with bone from my left arm and used tissue and blood vesels were used to cover the floor of my mouth and right side of my tounge called it a flap.

Today my cancer experience has left me on disability, with a feeding tube, and my speech has been mildly imparied but is better than it was expected. I just had follow up care for my thyroid cancer and 3 years later still cancer free! Next month I will be going to KU because of insurance I am not able to get care anywhere else. I am raising funds because I am wanting to be treated at Ellis Fischel Cancer center. My insurance however wont cover the cost. When I first went there for treatment I had insurance through walmart and was able to be covered. Since I was first treated I was fired from walmart due to the time away for treatment's and no longer have the benefits of good medical coverage. I am needing to have extensive dental work done. I am needing to have my teeth pulled and dentures made. This also involves the need to have more hyperbaric oxygen because this helps the healing process the treatment creates more blood flow.

When I look back and reflect on my experience the blessing in all of this is in March of '98 I moved to Wichita Kansas to be with family after a tragic family loss. If I had not gone to Wichita I may not have been diagnosed at all. I am thankful that I have my amazing kids and I am here today having survived and through it all I praise God.

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