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Please help Meeko catch a break! He needs all the love and support he can get. Spinal cord injury, incontinence, paralyzed tail...

Hello everyone, my name is Christine and my kitty Meeko is in need of your help. Here is his story--- He is a 1 and a half year old male kitty that started off as a stray. We cared for him since he was a just a kitten but wasn't able to take him in due to our living situation. He came to the house everyday to play, eat and drink. Then he went missing for a week and we searched for him night and day. We were hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Then on the 7th day, we found him in the driveway under one of our cars. He was very skinny and his leg and tail were all twisted. He couldn't walk. Then we took him to the ER and the vet said that he had gotten into some kind of accident -- most likely got hit by a car. He spent the last 2-3 days crawling back home to us. A miracle. Then the bad news started coming in. The vet said that his tail was broken and paralyzed and that he had a spinal cord injury that caused really bad nerve damage. On top of that his hip was dislocated and might need extensive surgery. The worse part was that the nerve damage could cause him to be incontinent (can't pee or poop on his own) They said to wait 2 months and gave him a ton of meds to help him and see if the bladder and bowel functions recover. It has been 3 1/2 months and he still isn't able to go to the bathroom on his own. He needs to have his bladder expressed everyday and he has poop falling out of his butt from time to time due to the lack of control. We are basically at the vets every other day trying to help him get back to normal. We have tried everything from different meds to laser therapy and nothing has helped. Since his condition isn't getting any better he is most likely going to be incontinent for life. The doctor was able to get his hip back into place without surgery but he has an increased chance of arthritis in the future. Then more bad news. He has an upper respiratory infection and needs antibiotics to clear that up. He also has worms which needs to be taken care of. He also has diarrhea from unknown cause and needs to go through various tests to determine the cause. The latest bit of bad news is that he had an abscess on his tail. It was a really bad cut with a bad infection under the skin with a pocket of pus that needed to be drained etc. They told me that it is better that he gets his tail amputated because in the long run things like this will happen more often since he can't feel his tail getting hurt. My boyfriend and I, who are in our early 20's, have spent over $5000 already and is in a lot of debt. His tail amputation is going to cost another $1000. We are already maxed out on his Care Credit Card and need all the help we can get. Any amount of donation is appreciated. Even $1 helps. If everyone donated $1 it could add up pretty fast. Please help Meeko catch a break! Its just one bad thing after another and he is such a good and loving cat. He deserves the best care he can get. He is so young and I just want him to live a long and happy life despite all his complications and special needs. It breaks my heart to see him like this.. Any and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance. <3
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