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Please help me bring my children home, we are going through a very difficult time and need your donations no matter how big or small.

Dear friends,
Many of you who are parents know that when we bring our children into this world we make a commitment to do everything we need to do to make sure our children are loved and provided for, we also make a promise to protect them and do whatever it is we need to do to give them what they need. That is why I am swallowing my pride and giving up some of my dignity and asking for your help. Due to unfortunate circumstances my 3 children and I are going through a very rough time.
Like so many people I became a single mother and found myself in financial hardship, I was working and trying to pay my bills and still provide for my children on my own, my ex (my children's father) was out of work and was not helping me support our children. I did try to obtain government help but was told that due to the fact that my 6 year old Autistic son getting his disability money that I had too much money coming into the household to get welfare. This completely baffeled me because that was money for him and he needed, I was only a waitress and did not earn that much and was not receiving any other income and could barely pay my bills to keep a roof over my children's heads and food in their mouths. I also asked to get help for child care but unfortunately due to my work could only get work that was available evenings and weekends which I could not find an actual daycare in my area that provided and also would be able to take an Autistic child in. I then had to resort to having my teenage daughter help and that's where the problems came in. I was contacted by children's services because some people did not like the fact that I was not home at night and leaving my 16 year old daughter home to watch my children. These same people did not realize that I was out at night to work and provide for my children and not just out having a good time. Children's services then accused me of neglect and removed my children from my home until they could due a full investigation and make a determination, the accusations have been unfounded. Unfortunately due to having a blemished record in my past having a DUI prior to all of this occuring I have to complete some very expensive evaluations because the state I live in just passed a new law that makes it very difficult once children have been removed from your custody for you to get them back if you have any kind of drug or alcohol related offense on your record, even if you did not put your children at risk or even if this happened before your children were even born. My court appointed counsel made me aware that the state is looking to revise this law but this is the law at this time. Since all of this came into my life I then had another big blow, I lost my job. I now do receive unemployment but that is barely paying my living expenses. I need help raising the money to get these court ordered evaluations done to get my children back home where they belong, I have a short period of time to do this before my next court date and one evaluation is already set up for April 19th 2012. I would never swallow my pride and put my business out there and let people know what is going on in my private life if I did not put my children's needs first. I am not doing this for me I am doing this for them, because I love them and will do anything to get them back. So I am begging for help from anyone who will find it in their heart to help me get the money to get these evaluations done because this is the only thing keeping us apart. Even if you can only give 2 dollars it gets me closer to my goal and the bigger picture, getting my children home.
I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this and I am a firm believer that the situations we are put in in life are for a greater reason and I think that maybe this happened to me so I can help other parents that this happens to. If you know me at all then you know that I would and have given the shirt off of my own back to anyone who has ever needed my help and that I am a determined person who when I can I will find a way!
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