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This is the George OK. Throat-Cancer Fund. The Funds will be used for George's Medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

July 7, 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

George OKrienke has been followed with an advanced head and neck cancer for over a year. He is totally disabled and unable to work. He will undergoing treatment but has a poor prognosis with life expectancy less than 6 months. If you have any questions about him don't hesitate to contact me directly.


Warren S. Line, Jr., MD
Cal. Lic # G48150

191 S. Buena Vista St.
Suite 320
Burbank, CA. 91505
1-818-559-9727 TEL
1-818-559-5514 FAX

Dear Friends,
My Name is George and I'm 54Y.Young and have a 6Y.Young Boy, I would like to see him grow up. At this time I'm totally alone with NOBODY around me and I'm in Fear every Hour to choke or suffocate even on Water I drink my Food. My Airway and my Food-pipe are to narrow it is very difficult to breathe for me, I try to catch Air like a Fish on dry Land, I didn't eat firm Food since 7Month only drinking Protein-Drinks but still losing Weight, lost already 100lbs by being 6'2"tall, but I have big Appetite but can't eat. I have tumors deep in my Throat which is covering my Air- and Food-pipes my left and right Neck Lymph-nodes are big and swollen, I'm in serious Pain Day and Night. First I got misdiagnosed in 2009, then I got Diagnosed with Stage4 Throat-cancer in March 2010, since then I received No Treatment at all, I have only MediCal Insurance and no Income at all, being in Bed most of the time because of no Energy and heavy Pain 24/7. For more Information I will give You all I have. With no Income since I have the Cancer my Chances to survive are very small, unfortunately People in need without Money won't get Treatment, except Chemo (Poisoned), Radiation(Burned) or getting Surgery (Cut open). My Life could be saved with a Hyperthermia Treatment which they would do at the fine CA, Valley Cancer Institute by Dr. Haim Bicher and Dr. Wolfstein, but I do not have any Funds the Valley Cancer InstituteTreatment in CA will be around 80K, the Treatment has a Success-Rate from 75% which is really good and I could do my Job again after approx. 3Weeks, so I could work again and pay Back to selfless Persons like YOU my Friends. Dear Friends, please have Mercy, I WILL PAY BACK and give Forward to any Next Person in need!!! God Bless You, Thank You so much for taking Your valued Time, I do Acting and Voice-over and I love my Job, I hope I could do my Job again, PLEASE help me, The Doctors tell me this is my last Summer without Treatment. Now just recently I got a Neck-Trachea to breath and a Stomach-Feeding-tube. I am thankful and grateful for any Prayer and Donations. Stay safe, Happy and Healthy, bye my Friends.
George OK.
8603 Fenwick St.apt.13
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