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Hello all! For those of you who don't know us, we are Brian and Misty, two super cool nerds in Central California who met, fell in love, got engaged AND married all in about 9 months of meeting each other! When you know, you know! We also pride ourselves on presumably being the only couple who met and legitimately fell in love on Tinder. So if anyone knows anyone who works at Tinder, we are open to being their spokes-couple for pay. :)

Our road to baby-making has been a little bit of a bumpy one. In 2015, Brian VERY bravely underwent a brutal and expensive vasectomy reversal. After the initial optimism of the surgeon, we totally expected it to work. Brian's doctor had told us his reversal success rate for that year was 100% and we were soooo hopeful and prepared to hear the good news. Then came the bad news- it didn’t work. Our poor doctor was so bummed! But we jumped up, brushed ourselves off and moved onto Phase 2, which I affectionately call the “Reading Everything You Can About In Vitro Fertilization And Then Realizing It Costs An Insane Amount of Money So Clearly Our Only Options Will Be Winning The Lottery Or Crowdfunding Phase”.

The doctors and clinic we are working with come extremely highly recommended, with success rates higher than most nearby areas. One of the reasons, which I learned in all my extensive above-mentioned Phase 2 research, is because all of their lab work and embryo / sperm handling are done in-house. There will be no ice cooler-transfers across the town or state, so to speak. Everything relating to our procedures is done in one office by one team of doctors. If you want to know more about these miracle workers, please check them out here:

So now comes the super uncomfortable part, where we beg our friends and loved ones for their hard-earned dough! We would be eternally grateful for ANY amount you could donate to help us start our family. If you can’t donate, PLEASE share our story! We will keep an up-to-date journal of our progress, and let everyone know, over and over and over again, how honored and blessed we are to have such generous and loving people in our lives. 

Thank you in advance for helping us make our dreams come true!

M & B- August, 2016

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