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Team Roeko is the family of a Siberian Husky male that are raising funds, as suggested by close friends, to help him win this battle!

As you all may know we are fighting a battle with our little boy Roeko against a horrible "breeder" who we are now discovering is running a very widespread puppy mill. We are about 98% positive that he is only 5-6 weeks old, but this lady told us and wrote on his "vaccine papers" that he was born in November and should now be 9 weeks. You can do a YouTube search and find that these two age ranges have a completely different look on husky puppies. Although we want to fight for Roeko's justice in order to get the bad guys, we are more interested in affording him the best medical care to help his condition. We are starting this fund raiser after many close friends and acquaintances have urged us to do so. Our Facebook friends have been our support through all of this. Sadly enough we have only been caring for Roeko for exactly one week today, January 23, 2012. His vet bills and ER visits are already exceeding $2,000 and that is not including what is to come. We have been told by investigators that 2 out of the 3 puppies reported to them from this breeder are sick with Parvo and have most often died. We can only hope that if it is Parvo that is is soon enough to treat it, but it is an incurable disease. We have been informed that if his case is serious that we might be urged to euthanize him, which is another great expense. Having Parvo in the home also means that Yasmany's two other adult family dogs are at risk. To take in, care for and begin to love a puppy in one week is an honor, but to be scared daily that we will lose him because of our financial situation and odds being stacked against us is another. We have already put money on our personal credit cards and taken out two credit cards through the Vet Clinic just to finance this situation. We love our little boy and will do anything to keep him healthy. We do not ask for large donations. Every dollar helps, but if you are not comfortable donating then every effort and mode of support counts. If you have any information or suggestions we will take them. Positive thoughts and prayers are always welcome too. Again, Roeko, Yasmany, and myself are all so thankful for the tremendous outpouring of love and support from you all. THANK YOU! <3 xoxo Team Roeko TESTS Performed on Roeko: Blood Glucose Fecal Exam X 3 Intestinal Parasite Screen Complete Blood Count, Diff. + Platelets Blood Chemistry Profile Radiograph & Interpretation - 2 Views *CURRENT CONDITION* Skin and Hair Coat: Fleas and flea dirt were detected on Roeko. Hair coat is dull and dry. Rash behind his ears and under his legs from the fleas. Mucous membranes: Pallor (pale color to the mucous membranes). Roeko is very anemic and might need a blood transfusion. Abdomen and abdominal organs: Pot bellied appearance typical of infestation of intestinal parasites. Respiratory: very abnormal. Heart right is 170 (100 is normal) Respiration is 65 (25-30 is normal) Gastrointestinal: Anorexia (loss of appetite) Nervous system: Roeko is very depressed and seems lethargic. Laboratory Blood Results: Hypoalbuminemia (low levels of albumin in the blood). May indicate liver disease. Hypoproteinemia (low levels of protein in the blood) Anemia (low numbers of red blood cells in the blood) Medication Roeko is currently on: 0.05 ml Dex SP 100 mg Carafate Drontal and Albon 2.75ml Pet Tinic (which is like a multivitamin) Fluids
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