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This fundraiser is in honor of Nico Piccolo, a fifteen year old boy, suffering with MECP2. Please help support this cause!

What is it?:
The MECP2 gene provides instructions for making a protein (MeCP2) that is essential for normal brain development. This protein seems to be important for the function of nerve cells in the brain and is present in high levels in mature nerve cells. Studies suggest that the MeCP2 protein plays a role in forming connections (synapses) between nerve cells, where cell-to-cell communication occurs. This protein turns off (silences) several other genes, preventing them from making proteins when they are needed. Such genes are important for normal brain function, particularly the formation of synapses. Researchers believe that the MeCP2 protein is also involved in processing molecules called messenger RNA (mRNA), which serve as genetic blueprints for making proteins. So far, all of the mothers are carriers of this gene, because the men who have it are suffering with MeCP2 as well.

this disease is mainly found in 1 in every 10,000 children.
It is very hard to find signs of a disorder, but after about six months to a year and half, speech and motor function capabilities start to decrease. it is followed by seizures, slowness in growth and cognitive and motor impairment.

Although most children with Nico’s condition reside in hospitals full time, Nico is so very fortunate to have a loving and supporting family who care for him 24/7.

*Nico has a minimum of 5 seizures a day due to MECP2 resides in the hospital multiple times every year due to many respiratory infections.

**Unfortunately, most people diagnosed with MECP2 will be lucky to live to their 25th birthday

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