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Mica has bad hips. However she hurt herself and now needs emergency surgery on her spine. Time is not our friend

This is part 2 of Operation Happy Hips. I have a GSD named Mica. She is 8 years old and last year she and I became victims of domestic victims. Thanks to a group of good organizations we were able to get out safely. I knew that simply leaving home wasn't going to make everything better. But I certainly never thought our lives would take the turn that they did in the months to come.

Mica went to stay with an organization called Ahimsa house during my transition. They keep dogs/cats while their owners get to a safe place. It is a 60 day program for pets.

I left Mica witht hem for about 5 or 6 weeks. I called to check on her many times. They said she was doing good until she caught pnuemonia.It was at that time all of her health issues began. She had lost 20 pounds. I took her to my vet and she told me Mica had a degenerative disease and I should put her down. I refused and drove to the vet she was under the care of at Ahimsa. They determined she had bad hips and needed a partial hip replacement. I started the first fundraiser and began to save.

She was unable to walk up stairs unassisted when I first got her back. With love and lots of care I put the 20 pounds back on and bulit her muscle mass up. In July she was able to walk up the stairs for the first time since April. It even got to the point that she was wearing my dog walker out! And she was excelling at dog daycare.

That was until December 9. Whe I got out of the car she jumped from the back seat to the front. I didn't think much of it until I took her out for her walk and she was unable to stand up. I went into a panic. In my head I was thinking one step forward two steps back. I started to panic. I couldn't get Mica up the stairs so neighbors wrapped her in a blanket and took her up for me. Once inside I began to play out all the possiblities of possible degenerative mylopothy. I was paralyzed myself in some ways. Unable to think or act.

Next day I got her to the vet. They wanted to admit her UGA that night for emergency surgery on her spine. My credit is bad due to a lot of poor choices so I couldn't be approved for Care Credit. I was so desperate I called my sister, dad, my ex and a few friends to get them to co-sign on the Care Credit application. None of them would which I understand. 4500.00 is a lot to trust that I would pay back.

But in my mind all I could think about was Mica's clock ticking in terms of the chances of the back surgery to be successful.

I took her to UGA last week. They want to do and MRI. But they want to be able to act as soon as they get the results as they are not sure what they are looking at. It is most likely a disc injury that could leave her paralyzed but it could also be a tumor. At this point she has an 80 percent chance of recovering.80% SOUNDS PRETTY GOOD TO ME. Sooooooooooooooo, lets get this fundraiser underway and start the giving :)

She is my best firend. She isn't just a dog. Animals have no voice. We are that voice that they depend on to care for , love, feed, provide basic shelter for. Mica and I could have never forseen these circumstances when I took her out of our abusive home. I thought we were home free. But it seems like that was just the beginning of our journey.

No matter where this journey takes us I know that first and foremost that God is by our side. And I know that no matter where this journey leads us that I will not leave my Mica bear. In all of this transition last year she was always faithful to me.

No amount is too small or large :) We are grateful all the same. Be blessed
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