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Join us as we rally around Anthony and Kristen! Let's do what WE can, to alleviate the financial burdens so they can focus on his health!

Anthony Lyons is a 15 year old young man suffering from ACUTE LYMPHOBLASTIC LEUKEMIA. It came on hard and it came on quick this past summer, when he fell ill while vacationing with his grandparents in Oregon. They raced back to Arizona, where he lives with his mother Kristen. She's a hardworking, 36 year old single parent trying to do her best, on a good day, to keep all the balls in the air and to provide Anthony with a stable and loving home.
Once diagnosed with ALL, Anthony was quickly thrust into the overwhelming and frightening world of an acute illness. One that requires constant intervention, grueling tests, isolation to prevent his weakened system from getting simple infections that could prove life-threatening on his journey toward wellness.
His new world is one of an expected 3 1/2 yrs of chemo, med cocktails of all kinds, frequent spinal taps (30 +), blood and platelet transfusions, 1-3 x wkly trips to Phoenix Children's Hospital (where he is receiving his treatment) depending on what meds and procedures he is currently in need of. This can be a moving target depending upon how is is responding to the treatment protocol at any given time. Hospital visits range from 2 hrs - all day to 3 day minimum stays, during the administration of certain types of chemo.
His health has become quite an adventure for his entire family who must remain flexible and vigilant in their attention to his needs. He requires a variety of meds each day to help with the pain and the side effects of the chemo. His immunity is intensely compromised so there are few public outings other than to and from the hospital for treatment. Due to the constraints of his isolation and when he is well enough, he is on the Homebound Schooling Program thru the Paradise Valley School District.
You can imagine the stress and strain on Anthony's family and the challenge it has created for Kristen to continue to care and provide for Anthony when his circumstances can change on a moments notice.This has had a profound impact on Kristen's ability to work. The financial strain has added a tremendous amount of stress to what is already an emotional hardship.
As friends of the family we are appealing to you for assistance. We have seen the need and since they wouldn't ask for help themselves, we are.
The family is incredibly appreciative of any and all help at this most difficult time. They have been comforted by your prayers and are grateful for your support.
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