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My autistic son has uncontrolled epilepsy. Please help raise money to train his seizure dog, have brain surgery and to make our home safe.

My autistic son had complained of constant "de ja vu" episodes for several years but all the doctors said it was nothing. Then in April 2011 (one month after being diagnosed autistic), I heard a crash in the den. I ran in and screamed. Weslee had fallen off of his chair and was convulsing on the floor. His lips turned blue. His eyes rolled back. I cried and screamed for my husband who ran to get a neighbor (an EMT). He said and the ER confirmed that Weslee had just had a tonic clonic (grand mal) seizure.

A month later he had another, and we were off and running with a diagnosis of epilepsy. It's mutated into 4 kinds of seizures ranging from his de ja vu episodes (simple partial seizures - daily) to the tonic clonic (a few times a week). Medicines aren't helping. Two stays to the epilepsy ward at Children's Hospital in Aurora plus MRIs, PET scans and a SPECT scan confirm he has malformed neuro pathways and lesions on his brain. The WADA test showed he has speech on both sides of his brain, so when they do the surgery, he will be left with a speech deficit; probably unable to talk.

As of March 2013, surgery is a go for Mid-May 2013. Good. We're bored stiff confined to the house.

Why are we raising money?

We've gone through our savings and the HSA/FSA accounts, and my effort to bake cupcakes to raise money isn't bringing it in fast enough to keep up with the bills.  We're also selling possessions, including chickens and goats, but we are running out of time, and it's just not bringing in enough.  Please help us raise money to:

  • (1) finish training the seizure/service dog (Weslee could exit the hospital needing a seeing-eye dog or other special needs) and to board and train the dog while Weslee's in the hospital
  • (2) pay for his medical care... we still owe a great deal for his hospital stay in Feb 2013 and he hasn't had his 2 surgeries, recovery or rehab yet.
  • (3) grant his wish to go to L.A. in 2014 to attend the Razzie Awards and to see a movie being made at Universal Studios (he's a movie fanatic)
  • (4) make our home safe, because it isn't right now. There's too much clutter and even tho I'm trying to purge, it won't fix the handrailing to the basement, or get the oven door to shut tight. We also need to finish fencing the property so he can "play" with his dog without me worrying about the neighbors running over him with their ATV, bike or horse.

Too many people coming to our home gives him seizures. Even leaving the house to run errands gives him seizures. He doesn't do farm chores because of his "blanking out" during seizures. It's possible that brain surgery may fix his epilepsy but he could come out of it with lack of memories or emotion, loss of vision, or even unable to walk or use his arms. He'll definitely have a "speech defect".  He could even stroke-out on the table. He hates epilepsy. So do I. He could die from a seizure (called SUDEP). I watch him (without him knowing) and listen for crashes all the time, including at night.

Please help him. Please donate, which will enter you in the Thank You Prize Drawing in June 2013, and also pass the word.

BAKE BENEFIT AND GARAGE SALE on our little farmette Saturday, May 11 from 9-6 or until everything is gone. Come pet our orphaned goat babies, meet Weslee, make a donation and buy some fresh-baked goodies and pastured-raised eggs. Address on Morning Star. Our farm's website is:

Weslee would also love get-well letters from you, telling what your favorite movie is and maybe include a dollar or five. (Send to: Weslee Lawrence, 44011 Morning Star Ct, Elizabeth, CO 80107)

If you want to send something directly to a bank account we set up, please send to: "Weslee Lawrence, c/o Douglas A. Williams, Bellco Credit Union, 7600 E. Orchard Rd, Suite 400N, Greenwood Village, CO 80111"

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Vikki and Doug and Krypto, his SuperServiceDog

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