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Me and my fiance were very excited to become new parents.

We lived in what we thought was a promising new home for our baby girl but then my fiance got really sick from the black mold that was discovered. He missed work and we were playing catch up for a place we knew we could no longer live at let alone have a newborn there. Also we had 3 electrical fires blowing up the only heat source we had and 2 main appliances that our landlord wouldn't replace. I did everything in my power reaching out to the city officials and I didn't get one thing checked out. Needless to say when this woman knew I bought a mold test and threatened to take the results to the health department she then got the town police to serve us with an eviction. I had more than enough evidence to prove everything in court but the judge wasn't having it and nothing i said mattered as I stood there 8 months pregnant. We then used the last of our money to get a Uhaul and a storage unit and moved to Winchester in hopes that family would take us in for a few weeks until we found a place. Things didn't work out in our favor and we ended up spending the last $800.00 on hotel stays and food.
July 21st I went into labor early. We had our baby-girl Ryleigh. The first look at her made all of the crazy outside worldly problems we have go away for a moment. She has respiratory issues from the stress on me during labor and the very short and fast labor. Along with a few somewhat minor problems we have been in the NICU since the day she was born and we don't know when we will be let go. Through some family and friends we were able to come up with $400 to place a hold on our apartment and can move but funds are still an issue. We need a home to take Ryleigh home to. With the way everything happened so quickly its been very hard to save money and get through this all without reaching out for help. Ryleigh stay isn't completely covered since we are in the NICU. So we are reaching out for helping hands. We are in desperate need to get back on our feet again so we can have the family we've been waiting for. We've just hit many blocks in this path to better things and time is running out, so please help Ryleigh have a safe home with her loving parents.
Today's day 17 of her life and i woke up at 3 am screaming from the pain in my hands. To find out I have a disorder where i can loose all function if my muscles and if that happens or even worse I get the infection to my heart I wont be around 4 my daughter. Please No amount of any donation is to small and is appreciated.
God Bless'
The Lee's & Baby Ryleigh
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