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This is The Elliott Fund. Denied insurance benefits, he passed away at 87 days old. Please help in malpractice suit to help other children!.

Elliott Samuel Hoctor was born on November 12th, 2011 at Maine Medical Center in Portland, ME. He was immediately diagnosed by the NICU with a "small hole in his heart" that would likely resolve itself without any intervention. It didn't and not until after my beautiful baby boy passed away on February 7th, 2012 would this become apparant. Elliott's lack of health insurance was mentioned on a number of occasions and though I stated I would pay for these tests, staff felt it was best to wait until I had some type of insurance in place for him. Elliott was DENIED Mainecare health insurance. I was a single mother receiving no child support with a very unpredictable income and he was not considered eligible. Elliott was a victim of Maine's healthcare system and "paid" for it with his life. Discussions of "How will you afford this?" should never come before the life of an innocent child who left this world at 87 days of age. I am left with Elliott's memory and a reminder in every bill -$12,000 in medical bills as the attempts to bring him back in critical care totalled over this amount but I have been able to pay it down a bit. I am so devestated by the loss of my little Elliott that I do not wish to ever see a family go through this as I did and especially not for the reasons mentioned above. ALL children should have healthcare coverage and should never be held accountable in the form of denying services to a child on the basis of parental income. Please help me in additionally filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against Maine Medical Center for their glaring oversights that would leave ELLIOTT uneligible for a heart echo, scan, or even an EKG. The patient must always come first and what medical establishment with such an outstanding reputation would ever deny services to a newborn because they think it's more important to assure that they will be compensated for said diagnostic tests? Please help me in paying off Elliott's medical bills (which are not related to Elliott but to Goodall Hospital) and filing a medical malpractice suit (the retainer fee of which is $5,000) with the representation of the Law Offices of Timothy Zerillo in Portland, Maine. Perhaps Maine Medical Center will open their eyes and show the same compassion they claim everywhere you look. Their tests may not have saved him but what if they did? What if Maine Medical Center could have saved Elliott's life? Please help me bring this to Maine Medical Center's attention and bring justice to the case of my little boy who didn't deserve this.
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