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Have you ever loved? I’ve been a mom for 21 years now, and I’ve never asked for help. But, I truly need help this time.

• Discuss how we found out he has Keratoconus- we had always taken him to the eye doctors, but he was never diagnosed with anything- it was just wait until he’s 21 and his eyes would have stabilized to where he can have Lasik.

One day sitting around my son stated that he felt he was going blind in his right eye. I decided that we needed to make the appointment to finally get him the Lasik treatment that his previous eye doctor had stated that he needed. My husband took off early and we prepared for what we thought would be a celebration consultation assuring us that he would be able to see just fine after he had the procedure.

We were truly devastated when the doctor looked at his chart and let out this AWWWW and then told us he had “Keratoconus” an eye disease were the cornea becomes very thin taking the shape of a hill or mountain. That this disease warrants rigid contacts and that there was no help. He spoke of the word crosslinking, but stated that it hadn’t arrived yet. I went numb for most of my vacation week… I didn’t tell anyone until a couple weeks later.

I began researching on the internet and ran across Doctor Brian Boxer Wachler – I began studying up on the disease and made contact to his offices. The doctor confirmed that my son in fact had this disease. The staff was pleasant sending me links of educational material read up on. I decided that this was a calling from God. I believe that faith without works become stagnant. Finally I felt relieved somehow.

I contacted Blue Cross & Blue Shield and explained my situation – of course I was told that they could not help me, that’ is when the walls came tumbling down around me. I didn’t know what to do. I knew that I needed funds to pay for this procedure. I always believed that health was important to Blue Cross- I thought that knowing that this procedure would prevent him from having to have a cornea eye transplant that they would see what I saw.
This is a company that I thought would be there for you in a crisis – who I thought believed in preventative care. This procedure prevents my son from having to have an eye transplant. Why would they not help. We’ve paid dues for emergency situation like this – that’s why we have coverage. I was disappointed – hurt – angry – I felt betrayed my BCBS – where is the cross and where is the shield.

I began fundraising- I spoke with Chosen a company in my beautiful home town Red Springs, NC dedicated in helping those in need. Already pre-destined to do great things.

I just pray that on Oct 25th I’ll have enough funds to get this procedure for my son
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