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Chandra risks being homeless if she can't raise her property taxes by the end of January, 2012. Please Help!

I MUST raise $2,165 before January 31, 2012, or risk losing the only place I have to live. I am single and do not have any help (no spouse or family); the house was an inheritance and my siblings live in another state with their own mortgages and expenses to deal with.

I have tried for years to no avail to secure lucrative full-time work; seems employers are not interested in employing a "50-something" artist, regardless of her abilities. As a result, I have been "living from paycheck to paycheck," and resorting to running-up credit cards to eat and keep utilities on. This summer I had to take in a roommate, who recently moved out, forcing me to sell my car to meet this month's expenses.

To add insult to injury, my property is under review for Habitat for Humanity's home repair program for low-income homeowners. However, one of the stipulations is to be current on property taxes. If I am unable to come up with this year's tax fees by the end of January, I will not be eligible (which really won't matter because the City will take the house regardless!)

The house is in great need of repair. This past May, 2011, I did a barter with a roofer (had major roof leaks). I managed to save enough money for supplies. The region where I live experienced major drought this year. But as "luck" would have it, the ONE time we get a downpour was during the roof repair! As a result, the house suffered major interior damage. (And no, my insurance does NOT cover water damage!) Some very kind people helped me remove the wet, molded sheet rock and insulation (which was a blessing in disguise, since I was breathing mold), but the lack of a ceiling and insulation creates extreme heat and cold conditions (in excess of 100 degrees in the summer and below freezing in winter). And I'm still breathing in the insulation, pieces of it falling from the ceiling. I applied for emergency repair assistance from the local Urban League. Despite the extreme conditions I suffer, I was turned down because HUD does not consider my case an emergency repair.

I'm turning to this resource as a last resort. I honestly felt I would be able to find full-time employment by now. My intent is not to subsist on "handouts"; I simply desire what everyone else does, which is the ability to pay my own way, utilizing my God-given abilities. Perhaps I should've reached out sooner, but I honestly didn't think it would come to this, as I am an able-bodied woman with plenty to offer an employer. I have done the best I know to do. Now, I humbly ask for your assistance. I know these are "lean" times for most everyone, but please give whatever you can. Much Gratitude!
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