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This fund is to save the life of a puppy who has suddenly became ill

**UPDATE**Ireland is doing amazing she is starting to act like nothing ever happened to her, couldn't be happier about the results. Sorry the update is coming so late we spent time at labor and delivery today for some pain issues (no baby yet). Ireland has 3 more days of meds and quarantine and then we are for sure out of the woods. She is gaining some of her weight back also so this is a great sign. She has so much fight in her and with everyone sending their prayers, that parvo had no chance. So to all those who have hoped, prayed, donated anything thank you so much, we are so grateful for you all. We are still trying to hit are mark for our portion of her care so if you would like to help the link is above, also there is a link below that is a video of her the night we brought her home. Again thank you and God bless, oh and for those who would like to help with her fundraiser I can email you a copy of her bill if you would like.

**UPDATE** Ireland is doing well, she has a lot of spunk now, pretty sure she is winning this battle. She even wants to play. 4 more days of meds and being quarantined then back to her playful crazy self. Sitka also never had any further signs of anything going wrong so lucked out on that. We are at the 57% mark on the fundraiser so thank you to all those who are helping and just as much thanks to those who are praying. I truly believe the prayers helped her get through this. She has gained 3 lbs back so very exciting. We are now just hoping it all stays great which it looks like it will and we have our baby soon, he is being stubborn. To anyone who would like to donate her link is above and like I have been saying I can email you a pic of her bill, also have posted it but unsure if you can actually read it, it is kinda hard on this computer so if not I am more than happy to email it. contact to request bill, Also I added a video of our lil Ireland the night we got her

**UPDATE** included in her photos is a copy of her bill we got when we picked her up, I just want people to see that they truly are helping animals and I understand people beings skeptics so I hope this helps. If you cannot see it i can email it to you my email is feel free to contact me so I can send it

**UPDATE** Ireland is doing amazing considering her circumstances, she is actually being somewhat playful. And seems bright and alert for two days now. Our other dog Sitka who has been away from her this whole time seems healthy as can be however today had blood in her stool, the vet is open tomorrow so we will be calling asap to find out if they can do a parvo check. We are so happy about Ireland getting better everyday, but it seems like no matter how well something in life goes it backfires in some way. So please pray for both Ireland and Sitka. I am getting to the point where I do not know what more to do, one dog is feeling better and the other gets signs. Irelands fundraiser is still open to make sure she gets vaccinated and things are taken care of on our part of her care, and now we are having to figure out $59.50 more to get Sitka's parvo-virus fecal testing. So thank you all for your prayers and donations, it is amazing of you to do. If you would like to help her link is above but prayers are just as welcome. We are hoping that all is well since our baby is showing signs of wanting to come out into the world, which is good since I am due.

**UPDATE**Ireland has kept food and water down for 3 days now, she has stopped losing weight but is not gaining it back yet, and things are for sure looking up she even has a little attitude today lol. She is fighting this with everything shes got and apparently that's a lot because she seems to be winning the battle even though she is doing better she is not out of the woods yet, apparently they can relapse but she is showing no signs of that. So your prayers are welcomed and appreciated. We are still at about the half way mark in her fundraiser to make sure she is vaccinated and the portion the fund did not take care of is paid in full. So again thank you to those who have donated and those who have our little family in their prayers it means the world to us. She is like a child to me, and we want her well so she can grow up with our baby boy who is due any day. we just want her parvo battle to be victorious. We thank all who have donated and prayed for our baby and thank those who do donate and pray ahead of time, God Bless you all.

**UPDATE** Ireland has been able to hold some bland food down, she is on a special gastro intestinal health food, and boiled rice. She is not in the clear yet but she is seeming to improve. Again i thank those who are praying and those who have donated, they both mean the world to us. God bless you all so much. To know strangers are still kind and caring means a lot. We are still trying to come up with the rest of the 200 that we need to go towards her care, and have high hopes that we will. We just want our baby girl healthy again. We want her to grow up with our son, who could be here any day now, to all the people out there who have gone through this with there family member (pet) I will pray for you.

** UPDATE ** Ireland is still doing alright considering what she is up against, thanks to the animal hospital helping with cost, our portion is 200 and we thank everyone who has helped by donating or praying. If you would like to donate to make the 200 mark we are so very grateful. thank you and God Bless

**UPDATE** Ireland is currently admitted in the animal hospital battling parvo virus, we are just praying that she can make it through, it was caught early so they will do everything they can to keep her alive please pray for her

I am 9 months pregnant and our 4 month puppy has suddenly become ill, throwing up, diarrhea, very tired and lack of appetite. They are concerned that she has a blockage or parvo and are unwilling to see her without funds being prepared just to check on that and try to do everything but surgery is $750 please help I will be devastated if we lose her she is like a child of mine.
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