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The family of David Harris Jr. are trying to help rasied money to get his van fix and to help get his house back in sharp!

David was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

about 15 years ago . It soon traveled to his arms and he had to stop driving his car because he lost movement in his hands and arms . He also lost the usage of his legs and is not able to do anything for himself. My Sister-in-Law has been by his side from day one. She takes care of him and work outside the home as well. Just stop and think for a minute. You are living a normal life then one day in a quick second everything is taken away from you. David was a hard worker, very energetic and loved all types of sports all of his life. He still love sports but because of his sickness he's not able to do any of this anymore. David is very strong and never complains about anything. Unless its about the desires he has for his family. Him wanting his girls to live a normal life, go to college without having to worry about staying home with him until someone is there to help him out. He's not able to walk, feed, or even hold his wife hand without support from her and his girls. You go from living a normal life all your childhood , doing things for yourself and BOOM you can't do anything for yourself. Not even go to the bathroom, feed yourself, pick up a glass, take a shower, and something as simple as scratching your head. Things the we do everyday and take for granted. It's hard for me to see him like this, i'm writing this and my eyes are filled with tears. As many of you might know, there is no cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease he is now in the last stages of it. However, we remain hopeful that he will beat the odds, and grateful for each day we are given.
David is married to his high school sweetheart Patricia they have two girls Patrice and Crystal. He is not able to work due to the frequency of recurrences and treatment needed to fight this. His wife, Patrica, is an manager at one of the Church's Chicken Restaurants here in Alabama. The little insurance plan he has covers all expensive of the medications he's taking and let's not forget the high tech scans and tests needed to keep on top of this disease. This15 year battle has drained their family both mentally and financially. Patricia is in the battle of her life right now and the mounting bills are a worry we would like to take away from her . Their home is in desperate need of repairs. The only transportation they have to get him and family around keeps braking down. We can't change this disease, but we can change how they fight it! Please help me help my big brother purchase a new van or get the old one fix and to help get his home back in shape before God calls him home to glory!All donations and support will help and please if you are not able to donate anything please keep him and his family up in your prayers. We do believe in miracles and we pray for one each day.Have a good day and God Bless you all who read this and help with a donation!

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