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Take our High 5 Challenge! Give $5, Volunteer 5 hours, Be nice to 5 people, Tweet 5 times what you care about and Get 5 people to join us!


Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! Donating through this website is simple, fast, completely secure and it is the most efficient way to support our fundraising efforts. If you would like a receipt for a tax deduction, please contact us at and we will send you one. THANKS FOR CARING!



1 - Gift us $5.00!
2 - Pledge to volunteer 5 hours to a local charity!
3 - Say or do something nice for 5 people!
4 - Tell the world what you care about and share our link 5 times with your friends on Twitter and/or Facebook!
5 - Encourage 5 of your friends to join our challenge!


What do you get in return? - When you give us a gift, then you will become apart of our community of like-minded and caring people, you will receive a virtual 'High 5' as a thank you and you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win prizes that have been donated to us. And when you Retweet us, you will have even more chances to win those prizes. (Please be sure to click on the box that says: 'I would like to share my contact information with the beneficiary.' on the donation page.) (The drawing will be held after our fundraiser ends.)

*Plus - You can tell us what you care about and help shape the future of our charity work! (Please be sure to tell us what you care about in the 'note' section on the donation page.)


55.00 DOLLAR GIFT - When you give us a gift of at least $55.00, then you will receive a Samaritan Card. The Samaritan Card is a wallet-size shopping discount card. With your gift you will tap into exclusive savings of up to 50% at more than 100,000 merchants nationwide. The Samaritan Card is activated on their website, ( where you find special discounts and exclusive coupons. You can use the card as many times as you would like and it's good for a full year!
You can choose from 15,000 participating restaurants from fast food to casual dining to fancy. Save up to 50% for the entire family, and special "buy one, get one free" discounts. Save up to 50% at participating affiliates including Target, Best Buy, The Limited, The Children's Place, Office Depot, Sears, Macy's, Aeropostale,, Sports Authority, Payless, Dell, and many more. Enjoy exclusive national discounts on family entertainment including theme parks and sporting events. Up to 35% off admission on movie tickets. Save up to 50% on oil changes, transmission repair, tires, muffler, and other automotive repairs. Exclusive printable and mobile grocery coupons, redeemable at more than 5,000 grocery stores. And Much More! (Please be sure to click on the box that says: 'I would like to share my contact information with the beneficiary.' on the donation page.)

Also, when you give us a gift of at least $100, you have the option to be listed on our website with a link to your personal blog or business website and you can be listed in our September 3rd concert program as a sponsor. (Please be sure to click on the box that says: 'I would like to share my contact information with the beneficiary.' on the donation page.)


1 - EVERYONE KNOWS THAT MONEY TALKS, BUT WHY CAN'T MONEY CARE? Obviously, we can't meet any of our goals without money and we know that alot of people don't have alot of extra money right now! But, we hope to rally alot of people to give alittle! When we join together as one, we can achieve alot! We want people to feel as though they can make a difference, even if they don't have much to give. Most people can give a few dollars to help people who are in need. Five dollars isn't alot of money, but together, we can change so many people's lives for the better!

2 - EXTRA TIME, WHAT'S THAT? - Most of us don't have alot of extra time. But if we try, we can give an hour or two a month to a local charity. If we make that pledge to donate some of our time to a cause that we care about, then together we can encourage each other to really commit to giving up some of our time to help those in need.

3 - SAY IT WITH A SMILE! - We can make a change for the better, by simply being nicer to people! We need to begin to think outside of ourselves. When we begin to spread happiness and joy to others, then we will receive more happiness and joy in our own lives. We never know what people are going through in their lives, maybe they have a huge burden on them and they don't know how to deal with it, by simply giving them a smile, saying 'Hello' or holding a door for them, that may be just enough to let them know that they are not alone in this world and there are people out there that really care. Be creative, it doesn't have to be something huge, just be nice! And then share your good deed with us on our twitter page.

4 - WHAT DO YOU CARE ABOUT? - It is important to us at CareTour to give everyone a voice. We want to know what it is that has been placed on your heart. What cause(s) are close to your heart and why are you so passionate about them? Your voice will help guide the future of our charity work, we want to focus in on the causes that you care about. Tell us where the need is and we will try to help fulfill that need. And share what you care about on any social media networks that you are on, because that may encourage your friends to get involved and care about something!

5 - WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET! - Obviously, we need alot of people to help us, so please encourage 5 of your friends to take our High 5 Challenge and help us meet our ultimate goal to give us the ability to help those with less power and to challenge those with more power!



Our mission is to provide an entertaining way to encourage and inspire people to care about something; to get involved and give back of their time, talents, resources and money to help the charitable cause(s) that are close to their hearts. It is our desire to help those with less power and challenge those with more power, through our own community outreach programs and by being a resource for other charities to use to bring awareness to and raise money for their work.

Our vision is that CareTour will be a leader in entertaining, encouraging, inspiring and uniting a continued revolution of people taking time to forget about themselves and to give back, by using their God given gifts to help those in need.

CareTour is a continuation of The Good and Welfare Community Outreach Program that started in 1955 in Verona, VA. After 56 years, The Good and Welfare Program had to end it's operations due to poor management and a lack of caring. When this happened, a small group of individuals who were inspired by the 56 years of volunteering spirit, came together to continue the tradition that was once at the heart of The Good and Welfare Program. When it was in it's glory, the Good and Welfare Program was supported by people who were very appreciative of what they had and who wanted to give back with their time, talents, resources and money to help people in need within their community.

Before coming together as a collective group, some of us individually organized benefit concerts with local and national musicians to help raise money for charitable causes.

We have always been willing to listen to people and get their input on what types of charitable causes to focus on, we want to hear from the people that are donating their time and money to our efforts; we want to know what they care about and what they would like to see us focus our efforts on.

So we decided to merge all three of these ideas. ~ The spirit and the 56 year tradition of The Good and Welfare Community Outreach Program. ~ The fun and entertainment of the benefit concerts. ~ The desire to know what people care about....and CareTour was born!

Through CareTour we are able to help those in need with our own outreach programs. We are able to help strengthen our communities by contributing to multiple diverse projects, including; providing food boxes to the hungry, collecting toys and school supplies for needy children, providing relief supplies and comfort supplies to those in need after natural disasters, providing encouragement and support to the elderly and the sick, helping rebuild homes that have been destroyed, providing sunshine boxes to our military, helping plant trees to protect our environment, providing needed supplies to those that care for abused and neglected animals And More! We are also a resource for other charities to use to bring awareness to and collect donations for their work.

CareTour Helps Us Reach Our Ultimate Goal By Giving Us The Ability To Help Those With Less Power And To Challenge Those With More Power!
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