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Join Team Jeff! あなたもチームジェフの一員に! Let's all unite to provide the necessary resources for Jeff's recovery.

Please join family and friends in supporting Jeff with your prayers and donations as he recovers from his stroke.

As some people may know, Jeff had a stroke in August 2013. Since Jeff is the sole provider for his family and is still unable to start working, his family has no means of gaining financial income. His recovery thus far is impressive and continues to encourage his family and friends. Unfortunately, a stroke recovery is determined over the course of months, even years, and it is very difficult to predict how soon he will recover. He still has to undergo rehabilitation in order to heal as quickly as possible.

As always, Jeff worries more about taking care of his family than himself. We decided that a way to help them was to set up a fundraising website.

We would like to raise money for Jeff and his family so that they do not have to worry about finances during this difficult period. The money provided will be used for medical and daily expenses. This will allow him to focus on his recovery while being reassured that his family is well taken care of.

Thank you for your support! Every single donation is greatly appreciated.







この大変な時期に、出来るだけジェフと家族を安心させ、さらに必要な資金を与える為に募金集めをしたいと思います。集まった募金は医療と生活の費用に使わせて頂きます。そうする事によって彼の家族に対する心配が減り、 自身の回復に励む事が出来ます。


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