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Our Family is going through a read trying time right now. We have alot on our plate but with family and friends we will make it. This page is for all of the wonderful people who want to help us. We thank you all for your love and support.

The Jackowski family is strong and determined to get through this. if you know our story you know that we have had our share of medical issues. Steve had his stem cell transplant and chemotherapy. His treatment went well and so far so good on all of his Dr. visits. His numbers are good and he will have to have another bone marrow biopsy within the year to see how the disease looks. If you don't know what a marrow biopsy intails, it is not fun. So please keep him in your thoughts he will have to keep getting these for the next couple years to keep track of everything.

Abi-Rhea is going to be getting IVIG treatments for the next 13 months. She has made it through 3 treatments and she is taking it like a champ. To have a child sit in a room for 6 hours is not fun for anyone. Abi-Rhea loves to be outside playing and when she has the treatments she has to be hooked up for hours and not be able to move alot. Shands is awesome, the children are spoiled. She gets to snack on graham crackers,drink GATOR AID,watch movies and play video games. They love their children and you can tell. We keep each other company and I would'nt want to spend 6 hours with anyone but her. I cherish every minute with her. She continues to grow and develop like any 3 year old. She will be 4 in May. We hope that the treatments will take and this will be behind us.

One reason we started this page is to help with medical expenses. Each one of Abi-Rhea's treatments is almost $9,000. Our insurance only covers $5,000. So you can do the math and see that this is going to be a long road for us in paying for all the medical bills. Another reason we have this site is to keep everyone up to date with our progress.

As for my back it continues to be an everyday issue. I have had two surgeries now and niether have worked. My Dr. found that the screw from the aparatus in my back is breaking through the bone on the inside of the spine next to my spinal cord. The sciatic nerve is my trouble spot. The Dr. wants to do another surgery to take it out. The insurance company is denying the request so until then I will be dealing with the pain and hoping for relief.

It is'nt easy for us to ask for such help with our medical expenses. We have been asked what we need. This is one thing we do need help with. So far we owe over $10,000 in co-pays and procedures to Shands so far. With each treatment Abi-Rhea recieves we add to that. The travel expenses are something we deal with also. Luckily we can drive there and back, but when you have to get up at 7 am to leave at 8 and spend 6 hours at the hospital and turn around and drive 2 hours home is a very tiring day. Please pray for safe journeys when we travel.

So if you can help us in any way we really appreciate it. Tell friends and family and spread the word. We have tried to get any kind of medical payment assistance and we dont qualify. Trust me have tried Alot.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our family. God Bless.

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