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Please help my daughter and myself save our beloved family member.

Hermes is such an amazing dog, he is a 3 year old boxer and he is my 14 month old daughters best friend. My daughter Sienna will often just climb on him and fall asleep with him and they play with each other most of the day and I love watching them they are like 2 peas in a pod. Hermes once saved my life when someone was trying to get into my house he chased them away and sat in my front yard until he made sure those bad guys were gone for good. He loves to play fetch and go for car rides to pet smart. Its so cute when you say car ride, pet smart, treat, ball, or wanna play he perks his ears up and his eyes get all big and he tilts his head to the side as if he was saying wow reallly are we gonna do that stuff. I finished training him all the commands for the K-9 good citizen test and it is my goal to get him certified as a therapy dog because I believe it is his purpose in life to play with people and make them feel better because he loves being around people and when you start smiling and laughing around him it is like he lights up and gets so happy.
Sadly I recently found out that all of the heartworm medication and other preventative medications I give him have not worked. Poor Hermes has a bad case of heart worm and my bill is already up to $700. One good thing is that since Hermes has been on the heart worm prevention medecine the worms that are in him are sterile and can not reproduce, but they are very large. On top of having heart worm Hermes has IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) The vet can not help the heart worm until Hermes puts on some weight. Hermes has lost weight because the heart worm and IBS causes runny poop and upset stomach so he doesn't like eating. The vet put Hermes on numerous medications to help the IBS and to help him eat and to help stop the runny poo and he is also starting a diet with medicated dog food. Once Hermes has gained enough weight we will be treating the heart worms. Me and my daughter need your help to save our baby Hermes. I still have to pay for follow up visits, medications, his special dog food, the heart worm treatment, and even more sadly the 3 other dogs of my sisters that he went to play with on a daily basis now need to be tested for heart worm. Hermes has never done anything but make people happy, when ever he sees other people he starts wagging his tail I just can't let anything happen to him. Please help!!

If you have any question please don't hesitate to contact me my phone number is 570-483-8694 and my email is I work from 130pm to 10pm eastern time and I am not allowed to have my phone out so any time other that that I would be more then happy to talk and answer questions.
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