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Shawna's In Surgery

Written Apr 29, 2012 9:46am

They came to pick Shawna up at 6:30am this morning to take her to prep for the surgery. They called Shaughn at 8:25am to tell him they were about to begin.

Shawna was her typical self this morning with her smiling face hugging us and telling us she loved us. We all walked with her as far as we could until the door for the entry into surgery and Shaughn was able to stay with her up to the moment they wheeled her into the surgery room.

The cardio thoracic surgeon will begin the surgery to prepare the path for the neurosurgeon. They explained to Shaughn this morning that another surgery may be required on Tuesday depending on if they can get it all or not as they can't flip her over after working on one side..

They are going through the front area of her thoracic to remove a piece of her rib to be used for the T-7 of her spine after the neurosurgeon removes the cancer. Shawna is positioned on her back for this surgery..

If the neurosurgeon is unable to get all the cancer today, they will give her a day to rest and go back in on Tuesday..

Shawna will be taken to ICU after the surgery and if an additional surgery is required, she will remain there until the second one on Tuesday.

Please keep her in your prayers that they will be able to get all the cancer from this area.

We won't get the final results of the PetScan until tomorrow so we are anxious to hear as the preliminary mentioned a spot on her liver and a spot on her ischium of her hip.

We were told to expect the surgery today to be around 4 hours. I am so thankful that Becky is here with us and especially that she is here to help comfort Shaughn. I can only imagine how difficult it is to see your bride having to go through all of this.

Thank you for all your prayers for our beautiful daughter and for what she is going through right now as is ALOT to handle.

I'll keep ya posted!


Background Story

Shawna Gail Thomas is the beautiful daughter of Jim and Brenda Thomas. Shawna has four brothers, one adorable sister-in-law, Brooke and two precious nieces Kailey and Kenady. Shawna's three other brothers Austin, Jacob and Jordan live at home in Lubbock. Shawna is 25 years old (26 on July 23rd)and is in her third year of Pharmacy School in Amarillo. Shawna is engaged to Shaughn Nunez, in his fourth year of medical school at Texas Tech in Lubbock. They met in a chemistry class. Our pastor, Bill Couch will perform their wedding ceremony at First United Methodist Church on 12-18-10. Both sets of parents attend Lakeridge United Methodist Church. We are very blessed to have a healing room at our church that meets every Thursday. When Shawna was told about it she wanted to go so of course we all went. It was truly a blessing to be in God's presence and we have seen and felt God walking before Shawna each and every step she has taken since this journey began. Shawna's journey with breast cancer began on Monday, 1-18-10 Dr. Cindy Dunn sent her for an ultrasound for a lump in her left breast. A mammagram was ordered and we were sent back over to Dr. Dunn who told Shawna the tumor had calcified and sent us over immediately to Dr. Thames, who performed a biopsy with the results coming back 1-20-10 with Stage 3A, Invasive Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Shawna's roommate Candace put Shawna in the car and Jim, Shaughn and I headed off to Amarillo to meet them to be with her after receiving this shocking horrible news that she had breast cancer. 1-21-10 Shawna met her oncologist, Dr. Rudy Martinez for the first time and more tests were ordered including breast MRI, CatScan, Pet Scan and surgery on Friday for port placement by Dr. Thames. 1-25-10 seven days later Shawna began her first chemo therapy treatment on Adriamycin. 2-2-10 CATSCAN CAME BACK NEGATIVE.2-5-10 PETSCAN RESULTS show the cancer has NOT spread throughout her body. After only ONE chemo treatment, the tumor has shrunk more than 50%. Dr. Martinez moved forward with the surgery.2-17-10 Shawna meets her plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Schmid as he prepares her for what to expect after the initial surgery on Monday and what will follow with the reconstructive process over the coming months.2-22-10 Shawna's surgery was performed by Dr.Thames and Dr. Schmid. 5-8-10 We moved Shawna out of her apartment in Amarillo and back to Lubbock to continue her last two years of Pharmacy School..5-13-10 Final injections for breast expanders. It was a very painful two months of those injections into the breast expanders. So far this has been the WORST part of the process.5-26-10 Second Cat Scan comes back normal.6-3-10 Unhooked Shawna's fanny pack of Adriamycin for the 6th and final time. She still has two more rounds of chemo but they will only be an hour each and will be in Dr. Martinez' office.6-15-10 MUGA Test to determine if the Adriamycin did any damage to her heart. 6-22-10 Results of the MUGA show NO DAMAGE to her heart! 7-17-10 Benefit Show in Shawna's honor at 7pm at Coronado High School to help raise funds for her medical expenses.7-20-10 Shawna will receive her LAST chemo. August 2010 Shawna received six weeks of radiation five days a week and handled it fairly well. There were some episodes of sunburn and tenderness but she handled it well. Shaughn & I watched as Dr. Thames removed her port as it would no longer be needed so hopefully it would heal in time before the wedding in December.November 2010 Shawna has her bilateral breast augmentationsDecember 18, 2010 Shaughn & Shawna have their fairytale wedding and the pictures are posted on her facebook page and they are beautiful.May 2011 Shawna has surgery to create her nipple of her left breast, her right breast skin tissue is so thin that Dr. Schmid said it would have to wait for at least six months.12-5-11 Shawna had her LAST surgery! She now has her right nipple and the work is almost finished! She is recovering nicely and we are babysitting Colby, the granddog tonight because tonight they are celebrating their one year wedding anniversary. Shawna has to be on tamoxifen for four years until they can begin their family but they are enjoying each other's company, Colby and will be adding an addition to the family in the coming year for a friend for Colby.Shaughn & Shawna are ending the Christmas season of 2011 keeping CHRIST in Christmas and continue living happily ever after!
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