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This is a fundraiser to help my friends, Allen, and Glenn Carr who have suffered relentlessly for so long. You deserve better. We love you!!

       I've never had to deal with constant agonizing pain, of teeth cracking, until they'd finally break off leaving their sharp jagged edges piercing into my tongue, and exposed nerves causing even more excruciating pain, or my bones inside of me becoming so frail they'd break for no apparent cause. This is the horrifying agoney thats become a way of life for my friends Allen, and his brother Glenn because of their being born with extreme calcium deficeincy, and no medical coverage to treat condition or ease the pain of their discomfort. 

(Though no fault of their own their condition stemmed from their mothers heavy addiction to crack cocaine the entire 9 mnths of her pregnancy with both her children, and the subsequent years of abuse they sadly experienced there after.) 

Mr. Allen Carr (26), and his younger brother Glenn Carr (24), are unjustly suffering horrifying realities and the results of a system thats failing. 

     Although, their mom has turned her life around 180 degrees, and truly regrets mistakes she's made, which they forgive her for. Allen and Glenn are still baring the disasterous consequenses. This family needs all of our forgiveness, mercies, and kindness. They have suffered enough, in fact too much already.

       Employers won't hire Allen, and Glenn so they cannot get the money or insurance they desperately need because of their pre-existing condition. Medicade or E.Rm. in hospitals won't assist because they're not dead yet, they must wait until their condition is iminently life threatening.

      Their lives are gravely at stake now as both of their medical conditions have gotten worse. Their teeth are broken off and deteriorated below the gums, and they too are now badly infected.

     Besides his teeth problems Glenn has two buldging herniated discs and a pinched cyatic nerve that makes it impossible for him to move. The pain increases daily as he's unable to get  any pain relief.

     We're trying to save their lives before any of these infections cause the inevitable.

    Niether of them can work or care for housing expenses, or any other responsibilities, they try to do whatever they can but it's become too unbearable.

    We're asking for help of any kind.It's impossible to make things happen when you just don't have the means yourself,but when we all do a what we can it adds up and means to alot.

    I'm asking for help for them.

"Please HELP US HELP Allen and Glenn Carr."    



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