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I spoke to the future and there is a powerful 'Wave of Possibility" in the present, it's called: THRIVE.

The Secret: No matter who you are or where you are in life, we are all THRIVING. (Keep perspective without comparisons.)

In my state of THRIVE, I AM in gratitude and remain thankful for everyone's support during my diagnosis and treatment of Stage Three Lymphoma on August 19, 2014. I am now going on 8th months cancer free. (September 2015) WooHoo!!  :))))

Guided by Shirley McClaine's book, Out On A Llimb, I'm asking the thriving part of you to assist me in my next phase of Wellness.

Since September 22, 2014, I've passionately and devotedly been and continue to write my memoir about this transformative experience; My Rite of Passage from Birth Maven to Cancer Thriver. I've been working with two Barnard students this summer to help lay the foundation for the chapters of the book, organize thousands of photographs and film footage shot during this last year.

I am no longer able to return to the 28 year career I left when diagnosed. Between healing from the direct effects of the chemo and discovering what is next, writing the book has been and is a top priority.

Enjoy the photo gallery montage, capturing numerous moments in my writing voyage over the last year as it continues to bring clarity and vision as I share the MESSAGE in my MESS.

With humble grace and appreciation, may it come back to you tenfold.  Judith

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