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Hello, My name is Lori Moralez. I am more grateful to all those who can take some time away from your friends and family to read my request. I am from breathtaking Montana where I raised my three beautiful, caring, loving children myself and worked 2 to 3 jobs for most of those years.

Life is a gift; I love lifeI thank my heavenly father above for blessing my family and me every day.

I moved to beautiful San Diego, CA last July to follow my heart, dreams, and my passions, I want to be closer to my family and my young adult children and to give them my legacy and dedicate my business to the memory of my beautiful mother, Josey Moralez, who is the light in my candle, the pride in my heart,and to my children's father, Jeffrey M. Langan, our hero, our mentor, our friend, our knowledge. They watch over us in the spiritual world, where there is so much love. I am so blessed and gifted. My life in the living world has put me on a path as a physical, mental, spiritual healer, educator, a guide, a philanthropist, to help homeless, underserved, uneducated, less fortunate and to change the mindset to as many people I cross paths with to have a happy, healthy, active, passionate life, who has strategic goals that lead them to their passions, desires, and direction to sustain an abundant, tremendous life. My desire to "Pay it Forward" so many people can benefit my wisdom that will help so many people. I want to teach all my knowledge from spectacular health and wellness knowledge, what and where pain is , and what that means, to master optimal nutrition, personal nutrition, the positive effects on Dr. Wallach's longevity,to live over 100 years old, probiotics and their importance,,and the destruction of sugar , coffee, soda, to our nervous system, respiratory system,, digestive system, muscular system, immune system, endocrine system and urinary system. I will teach cognitive behavior skills, neurolinguistics skill, life coach skills, Leadership, sales, management skills, Microsoft Excel, advanced Excel, power points, word, Outlook skills, pivot table, web and app design, mindfulness, business analysis, business writing, marketing and how to start a business. I will educate on all social marketing from Facebook, Instagram, blog, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest, Linked in, youtube, topsy, vine,Tumbler, Reddit, classmates,tweet me,apps, the positive and negative of social media, my skills, wisdom, kindness, passions about environmental issues,better driving skills , and teach everyone about communication skills, and how they can feel empowered, intelligence, gifted, peaceful , happy and focused. I will educate as many people as possible on health, wellness, and social issues through my 67 PowerPoint series webinar which I hope to have ready to show by the end of August 2016.
In relation to my Professional goals, my focus, passions and dream I will to open a Non-Profit 501c3 business that will be a Non-Emergency Vehicle Transportation business starting my first two years hiring 25 drivers throughout San Diego to drive all children women, men elderly to any health provider, appointments,errands, pharmacy, to visit breathtaking, phenomenal views all around us.I have been a health provider and trainer for over 23 years, I do many things great, but the gift from God was to just Love, Love, Love, and help others. I want to help, people with trauma, discomfort, swelling, injury, fractures, dialysis, hospice with 25 working vehicles with all the required safety installments that will result in improving the health of disadvantaged populations throughout San Diego County. I am cordially requesting funds in the form of individual donations. All donations received will directly go toward supporting this dream of mine.

LJM MedRIDE service is taking the form as a non-ambulance, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider. My business will deliver a reliable and efficient transportation service that target low-income, medically underserved and homeless populations. The majority of individuals that make up these communities usually have trouble getting to and from their medical appointment and pharmacy visit. Lack of reliable transportation remains an enormous barrier to accessing medical treatment for many of these people. There is a high need to serve this population as many individuals who need transport are scattered throughout San Diego and a lot of the times undocumented.

My business will serve the most economically disadvantaged, geographically isolated and medically underserved populations. Playing a critical component to my business, I will ensure the safety of my customers throughout their time with us, giving them efficient, reliable, safe and friendly rides at all times. Our team will run a well-coordinated navigation system to increase our ability to provide high-quality, on-time services.

Our priority will be to help our customers access healthcare with their needs, especially in mind, making their experience with us a pleasurable and lasting memory. Our business model follows, ‘best practices’ in all circumstances, using quality measures to assess our business framework and patient-centered approach. From a marketing and promotion standpoint, designing my interactive webinar, which will include a weekly series of PowerPoint presentations on health conditions and how to naturally improve them will be both engaging, specific, interactive and transparent. The webinars that I will create will be available to everyone and designed to help those who I serve. These webinars will be a series of educational sessions specifically geared to improve one’s physical, mental, social, and financial health. I truly believe with all my heart that adding these unique ingredients to my business will develop LJM’s MedRIDE into a successful, thriving and sustainable service which will continue to impact positively the lives of the people who live amongst underserved, disparate, and geographically isolated communities in a positive way. I will hire 25 drivers and have a staff of 30 people, with plans of going throughout California, Texas, Oregon and more as my Business plan allows.

I am trying to raise money for the capital costs that are needed to operationalize this business, and to make it sustainable, as well as available all hours of the day to disadvantaged populations of San Diego County. If you would like to speak with me about this request, I would gladly and gratefully invite anyone with god’s welcome arms. Thank you again for reading this and time taking time out of your day. Have a great day and God bless.


Lori Moralez
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