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The family and friends of Donna Bernard are uniting to help raise money to cover medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance

My Mom in the late 80's was injured while working on the job. She was seen by an Orthopaedic Surgeon who told her that the tendons in her right hand were damaged because of excessive typing. She was treated with steroid injections in the hand, she was then referred to the physiotherapy for one (1) year. She got relief, but the pain returned. This pain was exacerbated by repetitive movements eg cooking.

She was then referred to another doctor who told her she had fibromyalgia; she was then referred to a Pain Specialist who gave a diagnosis of myofascial pain with multiple myofascial trigger points. She was treated by a combination of analgesics and myofascial trigger point injections and physiotherapy. Her condition improved as she was able to function better, carrying out her activities of daily living with less pain.

Then in 2004 she went to a store to purchase household supplies when several hose fell from a shelf onto her upper body which negatively affected her recovery process and did exacerbate her condition. This now limited her normal life as she had to do everything with one hand. This incident caused her myofascial pain syndrome to worsen. She initially required frequent multiple myofascial pain injections and analgesics to control her pain. Her ability to carry out activities of daily living eg housework, personal hygiene and shopping etc. were greatly affected.

She was then placed on a disability pension

In 2009, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which made the situation very stressful .

From several years of pain, going to several different doctors there were several different diagnosis.. but in 2011 her doctor referred her to do a M.R.I which showed the following results:

• Superior Labral Anterior Posterior tear (TypeII)
• Para labral cyst with compression of Supracia vascular nerve

The Surgeon informed her that he will need to perform surgery.

The type of surgery is:

(1) Arthroscopy repair of the Supa Labral anterior posterior lesion (CPT #29807)
(2) Open de-compression of the cyst and nerve
(CPT #64708)

From this fundraiser we hope to raise enough money to cover medical costs and other related expenses as without it her hand will become paralyzed, which will without a doubt abstain her from doing normal activities.

Your contributions are deeply appreciated

Jordan Bernard (son)

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