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We've all heard of the horrible news coming from earthquake-stricken Haiti and  I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to go there for a 6 months to assist in their relief efforts as a Trauma Nurse . I will use the funds towards this recommended packing list . If you can donate any of these items this too will help immensely

I would like to clarify that this is non-profit and solely for the benefit for those in need in Haiti and not for my own personal aspirations. It is my hope that I may raise $2500.00  in order to help make this opportunity become a reality. I plan on documenting every day of this trip with an exceeding number of photos and videos to give everyone a similar life-altering experience. Any amount will help and again, I thank you. Please, if you have any questions, need any clarification, or want more details, do not hesitate to contact me. My email is My cell is 818-371-2929.

Any and all medical supplies
Suitcases to carry medical supplies, they will be returned !
Ciproflaxin or Levaquin (augmetin or zmax if you can’t get those)
Pain Medicine (if you have it) the stronger the better.
Sleeping Pills
Anxiety Medicine… if you don’t use you it, you can give it away

Water Filter or water purification tablets
Tent , any size, there are currently none available in Haiti
Bed netting
Light rain poncho

Headlamp LED variant rather than halogen or xenon. It eats batteries at a reduced rate and you're mostly using it for indoor work anyways. Petzl makes good ones.
- Torch/Flashlight 60lumens or above, something with good throw. Surefire, Fenix, Streamlight, Insight all make good lights. Anything 80lumens or above makes a decent weapon in a pinch and will temporarily stun/blind an assailant for a couple seconds, resetting his OODA loop, particularly if your light has a strobe setting.
Protective glasses/goggles. There may be a lot of particular matter in the air still from the earthquake as well as from secondary explosions, fires, etc. Also, if we're dealing with any debris, body fluids, etc. you'll want protection for your eyes. Oakley makes good stuff, as does ESS, Wiley-X. In a pinch, Home Depot carries decent ones as well. AOSafety is a good name.
Boots. Go for the desert boot variant with canvas. I recommend 6" ones. Vibram makes very good soles and Merrel makes great boots in general.
Boots, Hot Weather* (Black or green, tan) Jungle Boots- Field note pad. A canvas covering of a notepad with built-in transparent pockets for ID, translation cards, authorizations, etc. etc. Unprotected notepads get chewed up FAST.
Zippo lighter. Butane and gas ones aren't allowed on flights.
- Civilian Ruck sack
Belt (Army issue)
Flashlight L-Shape w/Red Lens (Military issue) 1 ea
ID Tags with Breakaway Chain 2 ea
Shoe, running 1 pr
Socks(military issue) 16 pr
Trousers, BDU / ACU Hot Weather) 6-8 ea
T-shirts, brown / tan (ACU) (Army), green (Marine), wicking authorized 7-10
Whistle, OD (military issue) 1-2 ea
Wristwatch 1 ea
Box of Emergen-c
Wrist Compass 1 e

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