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Our dear kitty was shot, another poisoned, then most recently one more was trapped by our neighbor. We are asking for help with medical and legal expenses for those without a voice against animal cruelty, as this must end NOW!!! ANY HELP IS GREAT!!!!



This is really hard for me to do, but we are asking for help. Our beloved cat, Pirate was just recently shot at close range, on the 13th. My 7 year old daughter's kitty, Pirate, was curled up on a cozy chair looking listless, rather than his usual self trying to bolt into the house. I thought that was odd. After I got my 3 kids into the house, I went back out to look at Pirate, he had a puncture/entrance wound, which I sort of thought was a bullet hole,he was licking his blood and he had a floppy arm, tender to the touch(I'm a nurse who can't work due to an injury, sadly assessing my cat) and noticed his left shoulder bone was no longer on his back.....what the????It was completely pulled out, he was swollen, purring with my assessment, but cried out when I gently touched near the entrance site...later xrays comfirmed my theory that he was shot and his humerus was completely shattered and the bullet was right there staring at the Doc and myself. I went from sadness to disgust to rage!!!! How can someone do this to a loving pet, how can someone do this my a child's pet??? What's next, a stray bullet hitting one of my kids or a neighbor kid....this will not be tolerated!!!!He was shot a close range, sadly he would hang out at the neighbor's front porch, and he's sooooo kind and trusting, I can see him going up to the person as she most likely coaxed him towards and shot him....and as WE DID NOT WITNESS THIS, AND CAN ONLY GUESTIMATE. However, as the Sheriff said, sounds likely she did it and the bullet doesn't lie.



We are not at a place right now that we can afford his surgery, which is going to be costly$$$$ Sad and obvious to say, it would of been cheaper to let him go, but he was getting by ok.
He will need to have his leg amputated He was trying to bear light weight on his injured leg at home and said forget it in cat language...then was walking with 3 legs....he'll make do, and my daughter will be even more thrilled to have an indoor cat. So anything you can do to help with the financial offset of his surgery would be so greatly appreciated. I'm embarressed to even have to ask, but as someone who has always given my time and money to others, I guess it's my time to ask for help during these unusual circumstance. Again, I thank you ahead of time for you help and support and promise to keep paying it forward as I have always believed in giving.

12/27/09 Sad Update...not about Pirate, but about Miley, Milanna's other kitty....

Miley was a awesome 2 year old kitty that I rescued from a box of kittens 2 years ago left along the side of the road to die, with their kitten of a mother infested with fleas, starving and filty. I took the three of them in, fixed them once they were big enough...weighing them on my postal meter to see when they'd hit that 2-3 pound mark they'd needed to get fixed :) They grew into two loving boy kitty's and mama-kat, a beautiful quiet black kitty who just gave and gave so much love. All three were/are very loved by my three children enjoying the good life here in the country, catching a mouse or two, leaving us gifts at the front door and sleeping soundly at night with the kids, not to mention the other three kitties we have that were the patient older cats tending to these younger ones, teaching them the ways :)

Unfortunately, maybe by accident, or not, but due to the unusual circumstances that surround Pirate's shooting and the unusual behavior of or neighbor, Miley got deathly ill last Sunday night, Dec. 20th. He appeared dehydrated, and was trying desperately to breathe...this could of been due to the cold chill and he may have not been drinking enough water, but yet....there was something more (the nurse in me KNEW this unfortunately)...I encouraged him to eat and drink, in which he attempted....but he wasn't himself. He'd usually eat like a raving lion, and I gave him ham...not interested, and he could hardly drink the water, as he was trying to catch his breath. I told my family something is wrong with Miley, and I hated thinking that he was dying, but he was, I wrapped him up, told him to be brave, it will ok to go, we loved him. I called the vet asking, what was my gut feeling, what were the signs and symptoms of antifreeze I spoke to the vet, Miley laid down, struggling to breathe, and took his final breath when I hung up. I wasn't sure if he was really dead, I checked his pulse, checked his breath...all absent :( His eyes gave me a final was real, sadly my 1st real death as a nurse, a mother and a parent of a furbaby :( I closed his eyes, held them shut, and rewrapped him, and told him we loved him. My daughter wouldn't believe it, until she saw him and said GOODBYE and her I LOVE YOU MILEY'.

We took him in the next day, and the vet confirmed that he was indeed poisoned by antifreeze....something to do with his kidneys when he removed them.GREAT. We reported this, as it was the vet's concern that the circumstances may be pointing again to who know who, so we are holding ALL the cats hostage inside the house practically fulltime until late at night if they are trully begging to get out. This HAS TO STOP. It may be an accident, it may not.

Miley was loved and had a beautiful spot buried under Milanna's window, facing west, so he can enjoy the sunset, and will have flowers grow around him in the spring so his spirit keeps growing strong. My daughter is only 7, but learning ALOT in this short bit about kindness, humality, humanity, and sadly cruelty and death.


the saga nutty neighbor trapped one of our cats and had the HUmaneSociety take him away...this was over a weekend, so thay didn't have access to the computers to see there's two cases pending on her,Pirate&Miley....soooooo they release my fat boy Homer and I sadly HAD to give him to my parents where he'll be safe until those people move....ugh!! Really, what the heck..We have poor ol' Pirate, his name and his destiny....Miley, bless his heart up above...and Homer, who was captured by this woman...Our poor kitty's are penned up in the house, but time to time, they've escaped, and one, Mama-kat, Miley's mama, is now "missing." We just hope she's hiding out in a barn, but with the crazy circumstances we've had since November to recent...who knows. Plus the neighbor has her kitties on lockdown as I see they haven't been outside since she captured Homer. Like we'd ever do anything to her pets....we just want the legal system to get HER to STOP!!!!

Again, THANK YOU for your support, your kinds words, and simply for CARING!!!!!

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