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This is the undiscovered illness and diabetic fund for Autum and Matthew, who are uninsured.

This request is two-fold. One part is for my husband who is a type-one (uninsured) diabetic who requires insulin and supplies to continue living, and the other part is for me (also uninsured) who is a walking conundrum to doctors everywhere so far. We are both currently undergraduate students on a very limited income (that consists mainly of student loans incurring interest) and are struggling to make ends meet for food, housing and other necessities while attempting (and failing) to keep up with rising medical expenses.

My husband was diagnosed with type-one diabetes at the age of 12. His medical needs consist of a visit to the physician every three months, continuous blood tests, a visit to the Endocrinologist twice a year, annual eye exams, blood test strips, glucose tablets, insulin, an emergency glucagon injection to keep on hand, keto strips, and supplies for his insulin pump (that he got while still young and living at home). Provided we keep his levels good we won’t have to take a trip to the emergency room into account; however, accidents happen as we found last year when he was given regular flavored lemonade instead of diet. Luckily we didn’t have to take him to the hospital, but the threat lingers. Our expenses last year while insured exceeded $4000 and is likely to more than double while uninsured and fighting for a company that will take a pre-existing condition without costing as much as it would to just pay out of pocket.

My own medical needs are still a mystery, albeit a very expensive one. I have been to the Emergency Room three times in the last year and a half (and had to fight not to go more than that due to excruciating pain). The doctors have looked into everything they can think of and have yet to come up with any conclusive illness, though there is lots of speculation. I have been through a spinal tap for the possibility of meningitis, thousands of dollars in blood tests, and countless doctor appointments with no foreseeable conclusion in mind as to what is going on with me. The doctors want me to see various specialists, but we just don’t have the means for that, especially while uninsured. I live in some level of pain every day of my life and am hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel where I can wake up feeling good again.

Any and all help, thoughts, prayers, and well wishes will be so appreciated. Without you we cannot make the life we hope to live possible. Thank you for your support.

God Bless.
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