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At the age of 32 Katie is fighting for her life against Stage 4 breast cancer and her treatments cost more than $200,000.

At the age of 30 Katie was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. After her cancer returned just a few months after she completed an entire year of treatments Katie was told by experts across the nation that her cancer was now considered Stage IV and that it was chemo- and radiation-resistant, inoperable and did not qualify her for any clinical trials.Typically, people with this diagnosis live an average of just 13 months.

Unwilling to sit back waiting for the cancer to spread Katie eventually found an independent oncologist willing to treat her with a promising, albeit, expensive protocol. Thus far this protocol, a mix of immunotherapies, low-doses of chemotherapy and other cutting edge treatments, have shown some promising results but her latest scans have shown that her cancer has continued to slowly spread, unfortunately. In order to stop the spread completely, and hopefully save her life, Katie is now going to be pursuing even more costly treatments but very promising treatments which will end up costing roughly $200,000 a year. The financial burden of this potentially life-saving treatment is tremendous for Katie and her husband Andrew.

The aggressiveness of Katie's cancer, called triple negative, means that she will require treatment for several years to come in order to ensure it is kept at bay, and hopefully, eventually, completely wiped out. Thus far, Katie and Andrew have gotten by through the generosity of their families, friends and strangers alike. Through this fundraiser we hope to maintain support for Katie so she can continue to afford these treatments, as well as new and better treatment options as they become available.

For more information please visit or read Katie's entire story below:

Katie was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple negative breast cancer a few months after her 30th birthday. Her treatment began with 16 rounds of chemotherapy which, unfortunately, did not have much of an impact on her very aggressive tumor. She then had a double mastectomy followed by 4 more rounds of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation. After nearly a year of treatment Katie was declared to be in remission and got back to her life working as an international policy manager, travelling the world and enjoying the great outdoors.

Katie was returning home from the holidays in early 2015 when she found a small lump in a lymph node near her clavicle. A biopsy and PET scan confirmed that the cancer had metastasized. At the time her oncologists assumed it was Stage 4 as several other distant lymph nodes also appeared to have cancerous activity in them. Her team at Georgetown informed her that her cancer was chemo-resistant, radiation-resistant, inoperable and because of the size and placement she did not qualify for any clinical trials. In hopes of finding someone willing to treat her, Katie traveled the country, from Houston to Boston, and visited more than 16 oncologists at 11 of the country's best cancer treatment centers. She got the same answer everywhere she went. At best they could offer her "palliative" chemotherapy to try and extend her life by a few months but most doctors told her to go home and enjoy her health while she still had it.

Unwilling to sit at home waiting for the cancer to spread, Katie continued to seek out additional treatment options, this time looking in less conventional places. After getting a recommendation from a close friend with brain cancer, Katie found an oncologist in New York who started his own practice after leaving New York's prestigious Memorial Sloan Kettering. Katie's new oncologist had a completely different approach. The new plan was to 1. Target multiple pathways for cancer growth all at once, 2. Use only scientifically proven treatments and 3. Maintain a high quality of life (aka, no harsh chemotherapies). Katie started on an intense new regimen including immunotherapies, low-dose chemotherapy and proven cancer-fighting herbs and supplements. She also sought out alternative healers and began receiving treatments from acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and reiki masters as well. In addition, Katie started on a strict diet that sought to eliminate toxins and bolster her immune system.

Since she began her treatment protocol the tumor in her lymph node near her clavicle has been steadily shrinking and no other lymph nodes have shown any cancerous activity. In order to ensure that this extremely aggressive cancer is kept at bay Katie will need to remain on treatment for at least 3 years, probably more. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't cover any of Katie's current treatments so she and her husband are currently spending roughly $6,000 a month or more than $70,000 a year on her treatments. While they are lucky enough to have good jobs and have received a great deal of support from friends and family Katie and Andrew continue to require support in order to pay these costly medical bills.

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