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Raising money to help Mia-the-Cat live a better life! These funds will be used to cover the cost of an MRI, rhinoscopy, and whatever else.

Mia is miserable.

For those who may not know her, Mia is my 10 year old cat. For the last year, Mia has been sick with a sinus infection that simply won't go away. What's the big deal, you might ask? Why would a sinus infection warrant a $2k fundraiser? I'M GLAD YOU ASKED!

It started with some random sneezing. I chalked it up to moving to Massachusetts. A few months in, the random sneezing became chronic sneezing (sometimes with ... well... snot). After dealing with *that* for a while, I took her in to work with me to get her checked out (thanks Dr Baron!)

We did bloodwork, x-rays, a sinus flush, a bronchial flush, a bacterial culture and a fungal culture of her boogies. What we found out is that she has a very resistant pseudomonas infection in her sinus cavities.

We've done three antibiotic trials - a month of zeniquin, a month of doxycycline, and a month of azithromycin. Nothing is helping.

Dr Baron thinks that there could be polyps causing the problem (which, of course, can't be seen on x-ray) and recommended getting an MRI and rhinoscopy at one of the referral hospitals. And... I can't afford it.

So I've been watching her suffer. She takes an anti-inflammatory which helps somewhat, but the truth is - her quality of life isn't that great. And I feel guilty. Exceptionally guilty.

I admit, I've always been one of those jerks who thinks "if you can't afford your pets, you shouldn't have any." And here I am, eating those words, and throwing myself on the mercy of you all.

Please, help me. Help Mia. Forward this link to whoever you think might be interested in helping. A dollar. Five. Absolutely anything.

This is me on my knees. Begging. I can hear her breathing from the other room.

With much love,

Jo & Mia

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