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The family of Peyton Dickie are uniting to raise money for a transplant of her small intestine. Please show your support!

My 10 month old daughter Peyton was born on November 30, 2011. She was hospitalized for a germ in her blood at The University of New Mexico the day after she was born. They put Peyton on antibiotics and said she would be discharged in two weeks, but the nurses and doctors noticed her stool was very watery and after she ate she would poop it all out. The GI specialist mentioned to her dad and I what it could possibly be, Microvillus Inclusion Disease. When I heard her say that word, my heart stopped and I was very terrified because I have never heard of that disease before. She explained to us that the Microvilli in her small bowel did not form correctly and that she wanted to do biopsies to see if it was this rare disease.

In the month of January Peyton was diagnosed with Microvillus Inclusion Disease. It broke my heart knowing that my first born child, that I carried for 9 months in my belly had a disease. I did not know what to do, I cried and cried hoping it would go away, but reality hit me and I knew it was all surreal. So now Peyton has a central line (broviac) that provides IV fluid to help keep her hydrated and gives her nutrition. It is still very hard to cope with this because she is in and out of the hospital constantly, but I am glad she is here with us, keeping her dad and I very happy.

Peyton is our sweet 10 month old baby girl. We love to see her smile and laugh. Both our families adore her, they show her so much love. I feel great to have a family that adores her more than anything. Peyton loves to kick and scream when she plays with her toys, ESP her piano that she kicks with her feet :)

Peyton grows each and everyday, she learns something new, her father and I love her with all our hearts. Since Peyton's discharge on February 27th of this year, she been hospitalized for dehydration 4 times now. As parents we try our hardest to keep our baby girl safe and healthy as much as possible when are home.

Peyton is our pride and joy, shes the best thing that has ever happened to us. We don't know why and how she got this disease, but she is so precious to us and our family members :) we love seeing her smile and laugh, she makes us super happy and we love her dearly. We just hope she gets her transplant soon so she can live a normal healthy life as she grows up. 

Peyton is learning how to sit up on her own and shes rolled over a couple of times, but she hates being on her stomach. She is just a silly little baby :) she makes her father and I smile everyday, we love her so much!

Our baby girl is doing great, she sits ups all by herself, she's learning how to crawl and she stands up perfectly :) Peyton was home for almost 2 months before she got sent back to UNM hospital. We're hoping she does great again after she's discharged. She still has complications with line infections but has grown out of getting dehydrated. We're proud of how far she has came, she's a strong little girl, pretty soon Peyton will be one year old and that makes us very happy.

Peyton is finally one and she's been out of the hospital for 3 months now. Ever since she has got her central line taken out and replaced with a whole new one she's doing amazing.! I'm so glad that shes been away from the hospital and got to spend Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with us at home. After she was born we weren't to lucky to spend Christmas and New Years with our families. Peyton still goes to apointments out in Albuquerque and still gets blood transfusions. Peyton should be getting listed for transplant soon which is really good news for her and us. :)

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