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_________________________________________________________________________ Walker County LTRG Mission Statement: The Walker County Long Term Recovery Group (WCLTRG) is a collaboration of non–profit, faith–based, local, state, and national organizations that work together to share information and resources that can help address the unmet needs of individuals and families affected by the flooding disasters in 2015 and 2016. WHAT ARE LONG–TERM RECOVERY (LTR) & LONG–TERM RECOVERY GROUPS (LTRG): Most disasters leave some survivors whose needs may take weeks or months to satisfy.

Rebuilding residences is the primary objective in long–term recovery. Some disaster–affected individuals and families may need materials and labor to restore or replace their homes and personal property.
“Long–term recovery groups” are local or regional organizations set up by members of the disaster–affected community, to provide materials, and money that flow through the LTRG are valuable assets that must be carefully distributed in order to assure maximum effect and minimize fraud and duplication–of–efforts.
LTRGs serve the volunteer groups and donated resources as the point–of–entry & point–of–contact in a community.
LTRGs may be described as the organizing channel through which volunteer power flows into the community.
LTRGs serve the disaster–affected community members as a place where services can be requested.
Those wishing to donate money, materials and services, e.g., members of VOADs, civic organizations, church groups, etc., work with/through the LTRGs to provide their services to a disaster–affected community. LTRGs do assessment, case management, workgroup assignment, volunteer support, resource–raising (money, materials, and services).

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