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We are Chad and Jennifers family, we would like them to focus on Jenns recovery, not worry about the medical bills. please help if you can

Jennifer was seriously injured in a fall Saturday morning Jan. 21, 2011. She was admitted to the hospital with a critical brain injury. She has suffered brain bleeding and swelling, after surgery today to add a tube to remove the fluid and pressure from her brain, she was placed in a medically induced coma to help stop the swelling and relieve pressure. She is recovering in the ICU where her Husband and family are keeping vigil.

Latest update from Kelly 2/20/12:
Moving right along
Sorry it's been a while since the last update, but honestly there isn't too much to report. Jen is going through extensive therapies every day except weekends. It seems she is in therapy every hour of the day with just few rest periods. They are keeping her extremely busy and really working hard to get her strength back. Her therapist seem to be very impressed with her progress and they told Jen she could be going home as early as this coming Friday!
She failed her swallow test so the poor thing has to continue being on thickened liquids. She is eating fine and hopefully will be putting on a little bit of weight, she has lost 15 pounds or so. She is thrilled with the weight loss, but we feel she needs to gain a little bit of that back :)

Yesterday, Barb (Jen's mom) and I went and took Jen down to the cafeteria for lunch and then sat outside and enjoyed some girl talk and fresh air. When talking to Jen you truly would never know she had a traumatic brain injury!! We all feel so blessed to have our Jennifer back the way she is and can't wait for to be home with her husband, girls, and of course her Sadie girl!
Chad, the girls, and Barb are able to visit Jen daily now that she is only 15-20 minutes down the street from them. Chad has been amazing stepping up and being Mr Mom. I couldn't be more proud of my brother! Barb has been so wonderful and helping Chad with anything he needs. U​n​f​o​r​t​u​n​a​t​e​l​y Barb will be leaving this Wednesday and we are all going to miss her so much. She is going to need a lot of support and pep talks when she goes back to Buffalo because leaving Jen is going to be very hard on her. Our family will be in close contact with her and keeping her updated.
Today Christy(sister​-​in-law) went and visited Jen and took the sweetest picture of Chad, Jen, and the girls so I have attached it to this post. I am going to put out one last plea for donations. If you haven't already and are able to donate anything, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do! This family needs every little bit they can get. The fundraiser ends February 29th!

Kelly M

Here is an update from Jen's Mom, 2/14/12: Jen moved to Craig Hospital so now she's only a few miles down the road which will make our days a lot easier. No wheelchair for her when she left Penrose - that's my stubborn, determined daughter! She walked into Craig....and then there was a bit of "backward" movement as the staff there wants to make their own determination before allowing her the freedom she had at Penrose. So back to assisted bathroom visits etc. which upset Chad and Kelly Stoddard Merriam. Their frustration was understandable as she had made great progress at Penrose. In all fairness, by the time I got there at 4, the Physical Therapist was putting Jen through a series of tests that proved to her Jen was doing really well physically. The only complaint Eva had was that Jen walked TOO FAST!! That's bad???? Then Dr. Ripley came in and also tested her various reflexes/mental capability. She did really well, and you could tell he was pleased. He asked the current President...and she listed them back to Nixon!! (that's my daughter!) He told us that they will evaluate her this week - meet next Tues. (probably) to determine how long, how much rehab she'll need. I think my girl will surprise them all. I have been so happy and relieved at Jen's positive attitude. No hostility anymore...just a determination to do what's needed to get home to her family. I was so pleased with the set-up at Craig - their PT rehab rooms are quite impressive with a wide range of equipment. None of the staff wears uniforms (just their badges) so it's quite casual with most of the employees in jeans.

Jen finally ate a "real" meal - hot open turkey sandwich with sliced strawberries for desert. She still has her thickened juice...but she ate most of her meal which was great. She's lost a lot of weight (15+lbs.) and needs to eat to build her strength back up. Naturally, she's happy about the weight loss.

The girls are so excited to see their Mom tomorrow. While I was there, Jen called and talked to them both which was nice for everyone. This has been a tough road for all three of them....and I'm proud of how they're all holding up. Chad has moved into the Mr. Mom role and is doing a great job. I laugh when he comes in & is bombarded by two little girls screaming "Daddy" and a dog....what a great welcome home! I do understand that he desperately wants his wife home and life back to some kind of normalcy. Don't we all..........?

I know this is long - but I heard an amazing story today that brought tears of gratitude to both Kelly and I. Kelly attended the valentine parties in both Dylan's and Quinn's classrooms today. In Quinn's class, one of her classmates came up to Kelly and gave her money that she had received at her birthday party the previous weekend. Seems she asked for money instead of presents so she could give the money to Quinn's aunt. I am continually amazed by the goodness of people. I believed it (well most of the time), but this outpouring of love, prayers and support just humbles me. Thank you!....and sorry I'm so wordy!

update 1/30/12: Jennifer has made a lot of progress in the last 7 days. They removed the tube that was relieving pressure and fluids on the brain a few days ago, and they removed the breathing tube today. She is opening her eyes more each day, and responding to commands better each day. Jennifer has a long road ahead of her which includes a lengthy hospital stay. We thank all who have donated, but would like to keep helping, please forward Jen's story to anyone who you think could help. The family is forever grateful for all the support we are receiving during this time.

She has wonderful people taking care of her, we are still unsure of how long Jennifer will be in the hospital, but we are hopeful for her recovery. Jennifers recovery is going take a lot of time, we do not know how long Jennifer and Chad will be out work while she begins her recovery.

As you can imagine, this unexpected family crisis will take quite a toll on Chad, Jennifer, and their daughters, emotionally and financially. While their private insurance plan is very expensive and covers very little, any donations you can make will help the family greatly.

Thank you all for your donations, support and most importantly prayers. We do believe in miracles and we know our Jennifer is coming back to us, we want to insure the best possible outcome for her recovery, and your donations will help.

If you have any questions, or suggestions or just need to contact a representative for the family please call Christy Wolfe (Jennifer's Sister in Law) at 720-401-2390 or e-mail at

Thank everyone so much -
Jennifers Family
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