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In 2009, I was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called pseudomyxoma and it is required a specialist to do it.

Since there is no specialist here in Utah to help me, I have to travel to Massachusetts for this treatment. Pseudomyxoma is very rare and doctors are still in process of doing research for its cure.

Because This process will takes approximately two months from the beginning of the operation to my recovery to return home to UtahThere is a lot to prepared for, I asked my half-sister to come from The South Pacific to stay with my 7 children: the youngest on that time was 3 months old. Unfortunately, after few days from my operation, my half-brother passed away back home. My half-sister has to leave, and my kids has to be distributed to some other families, which worried is greatly as we were away. We were struggling at Massachusetts to buy food, transportation, lodge, hospital bills, and other expenses. Thanks to UMass Memorial hospital, they lend a hand and picked up some of the burden. I came back home to Utah after approximately 2 months after to recovery and to bring back my kids together.
Similarly to our first experience we have to prepare financially for my next operation. We want to relocate my family closer to my doctor, food expenses, hospital bills, transportation, medical bills and more. As of today, I am facing a great deal of pain therefore, We are looking at another surgery and we are now frustrated with the financial burdens and for the far away travel leaving my children behind. Currently, I already feeling the burden so heavy in my hearts, and most nights I could not sleep. Removing the financial burden will be great for me. My operation is about 14 hours and my recovery is about 6-8 weeks. Then I will come back home and work with Huntsman oncology to monitor my cancer. I have some good times and so many bad days. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated by me and my entire family.

Mokeni Folau

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