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The funds will be used for Tora's medical costs - and further medication and blood work. Your donations are very much appreciated. Thank you

Please keep my puppy, Tora in your thoughts and prayers. She has been fighting to be a strong pup for a while now. $1100+ invested into vet bills, she is still on conitued medication and blood tests.


We found Tora on craigslist. She was the cutest little thing ever and we knew we had to have her! We were skeptical about buying a pup off of craigslist, but people do it all the time, didn't see anything wrong with it. The so called "breeder" said she had her first round of shots/dewormer. She seemed like a happy little girl....we were soon to find out something was very wrong with her.

Five days after bringing her home, she seemed very depressed, and was very lethargic. We watched her closely and decided to take her to the vet on Monday. Monday she was still lethargic, so we took her to the vet. The vet examined her, did some blood tests, and sent her home with meds for an "infection due to paracites". We were able to bring her home and thought everything would be better...we were wrong.

Tuesday, she kept getting worse, and worse, and worse. She couldn't walk/stand, she couldn't hold anything down, didn't want to eat or drink. We rushed her back into the vet on tuesday..and she was there until friday.

The vet didn't have much hope for her. They thought she was having liver failure, and thought she wouldn't make it. They said they would do all that they could. After all the xrays, blood tests, hooked up to fluids, antibiotics, etc they found out she is anemic with slight internal bleeding. Which then caused her liver enzymes to be higher, and made her skin start turning yellow. That is why the vet thought she was having liver failure. They soon found out that she had fluid in her abdomen.

Tora pretty much lived at the vet for 5 days. She was hooked up on antibotics & fluids the whole time, and was monitored constantly. They couldn't do much more for her, and we weren't willing to have her under-go surgery due to how sick she was and all the weight she lost.

We took her home with liver medication & antibiotics, and prayed and prayed that she would fight thru this. She got a little better as time went on...and she is still fighting to be a happy puppy. It has been a month now, she is still on antibiotics, and has to go into the vet to get regular blood tests. She has to go back in for another blood test soon. Hopefully this will be the last, and she will keep fighting, and soon be her happy little self again!


Our wedding is in 7 months. We would never change what we have done for Tora. She is a part of our family, and if that means sacrificing what I would like for my wedding, I was willing to do that. I am not sure how long she will have to be on medication and have to go thru with blood tests. We will never see that money again, and had to cut a lot of stuff from our wedding due to it. If you could find it in your heart, to donate to Tora's medical expenses, we might be able to redeem some of the money we lost from the wedding. Thank you so much.
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