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Fundraising to help w/ ongoing health related expenses for Nikki's severe health issues & needed medical care & treatments.

Nikki is a usually high spirited, talented, faithful, compassionate and friendly young woman. Who has been dealt several " bad cards" so to say in life w/ having been repeatedly abused and used and otherwise hurt, as well as having a multitude of severe health issues pile up over her lifetime to her now critical health status. Some of these issues originally stem from her past abuses/hurts inflicted upon her by others... others are merely poor health luck in her life... and some she has always had... yet despite having been through so much in her 30 yrs., she has grown, changed so much in a much more independent, positive, able to and actually standing up for herself, and never has given up on her hope and her deep faith and her dreams and goals of which she is deeply passionate about! people keep referring to her as inspiring, yet, while she appreciates the sentiment, she never feels she is an inspiration, but just going through the journey that is her life and learning and growing and changing and doing what she can as she can and when she can't asking for help/support... this is the life Nikki has been given, there IS a greater purpose for the sufferings she faces... and no matter what, no matter how ill, there is always hope, always at least a spark of light, always faith, and never any need to give up on any goals or dreams... they just may need to be delayed or adapted... but not dropped! So Nikki and her friends helping/ supporting here in all this, are requesting help for assistance w/ donations for piling up, overwhelming and high health related expenses Nikki is currently unable to meet to the level that is necessary and so has had to leave the 24/7 medical care home she was in that her insurance refused to pay a single penny of as she ran out of funds to be able to pay to stay... as other medical expenses climb as well and the bills stack up higher... Insurance covers very little or nothing w/ most of her medical expenses, so since she needs those services and treatments, she has to pay out of pocket and received bills more often than not... and w/ as many issues and necessary meds and treatments as Nikki requires to keep her alive, it is so far beyond what her just SSD once monthly income covers at this point, so she has to pick & choose what she can afford & when & how much of it/ how long & has had to go w/o & recently had to leave needed 24/7 care solely due to lack of ability to pay to stay any longer... & Nikki was supposed to remain in that 24/7 monitored medical care setting for the entire time until she can gert admitted to a specialized hospital she's been awaiting admission into for several months now, w/ several bumpos in that road too... that's another story alltogether though, which can be read on the FB support page... yet she very critically STILL needs the care... & is very much wanting of it - in fact as soon as she can hopefully raise enough to prepay another week in advance ( as is the policy ) Nikki plans to return to the 24/7 medical group home care setting she just had to leave. She has already spoken to the owner... who wants her to return as well...and fighting a very difficult battle for her life. If you are able to donate no matter how small or great the amount it will be enormously appreciated! if you are unable to do so, please keep Nikki in your thoughts, and if you believe in prayer, as Nikki does, please keep her in prayer! Also feel free to share w/ others this fundraising website info and the FB support page link as well which the link is:

This is the updated list of what Nikki is facing daily in her fight for life:

- Pituitary Prolactinoma ( non-malignent but still problematic pituitary brain tumor)
- Hyperprolactinemia
- Galactorea
- Medical/Physical innability to feel hunger &/or thirst
- Severe Athsma
- Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy ( can have all types of seizures )
- Frequent Tremmors
- Cardiac issues ( she has alternating techacardia & brachycardia, atrial fibrillation, multiple heart attacks - both minor & major )
- Central Adrenal Insuffiency
- Severe muscle atrophy ( throughout her body )
- Hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar )
- Chondromalasia ( cartiledge deterioration )
- Basal Stem Migraine Disorder w/ extreme photosensitivity & audiosensitivity
- Severe Cronic Pain (throughout entire body)
- Failing liver
- Kidney problems ( including renal failure )
- Malnutrition
- Cachexia ( wasting syndrome )
- Osteoarthritis
- Lung Function issues ( including: Cronic Bronchitis, COPD & Cronic Pneumonia, Lung Atrophy )
- Bladder Myopathy ( caused by a combination of: ED, frequent Dehydration & Renal failure - My bladder has weakened & atrophied - which causes it to no longer function naturally - requiring self-catheterization in order to "go")
- Vision issues ( including: Blurring, Vision loss, Loss of peripheral vision, intermittent double vision & cronic vision changes )
- Marasmic Kwashiorkor ( abdominal distension from protein defiency )
- Depression
- Severe Anxiety Dsorder
- Immobility ( wheelchair bound at this time ),
- Trichotillomania ( a PTSD, stress & anxiety caused illness in which a person pulls out their own hair )
- Cronic Fatigue
- Severe PTSD
- Persistent Hypokalemia ( cronicly low Potassium - even on prescription potassium it can get low )
- Hypotension ( Low Blood Pressure )
- Severely Immunocompromised
- Insomnia
- Gastrointestinal Problems (including: GERD, frequent Ulcers, Digestive Malfunctions & Stomach atrophy )
- Neuropathy
- Intermittent Speech disturbances & stuttering
- Poor Memory Function & Brain function problems
- Nutritional, Medicinal/Medical, Chemical, Material, Seasonal & Environmental Allergies, Intollerances & Sensitivities
- Colon/ Intestinal issues ( since birth from a birth defect )
- Ketosis
- Anemia
- Hypophosphatemia - ( Phosphorus Deficiency )
- Magnesium Deficient
- Calcium Deficient
- Vitamin D Deficient
- Refeeding Syndrome
- Lanugo ( a symptom of deep starvation, is characterized by a soft, downy, fine white/light hair that grows mainly on the arms, chest, back and face of individuals with eating disorders. The body grows lanugo as a means of insulating itself to maintain body temperature as fat stores are depleted. It is most commonly seen in patients with anorexia nervosa. )
- Adema
- Medicine and malnutrition related hair thinning and loss
- Extreme confusion & forgetfulness

- ED ( Eating Disorder ) Most of Nikki's ED struggle has been more of restriction & Anorexia Nervosa - this last relapse - also her most extreme & critical bout w/ ED in her
entire life, was entirely Anorexia - but she has had a nearly life long battle - mostly w/ alternating Anorexia/Bulimia, or a combination of Anorexia & Bulimia. There was also a lot of over exercising issues much of her life... until her mobility issues made that less possible, although even then she'd be trying to push past what she could do. Binge issues came into the mix starting at around age 24. Then it was some strange mix of the 3 most commonly known ED's discussed above till the summer of 2011 when Nikki's ED war switched over & at high speed to purely severely restrictive Anorexia Nervosa. Nikki's Eationg Disorder war began at age 6.

As w/ her other organs/muscles in her body - her stomach has also severely atrophied ( as stated above briefly ) to the point it is less than 1/2 it's normal size and weakened in function and Nikki has to retrain her stomach to digest and absorb nutrients... at this point she truely cannot "just eat" - even if she wanted to... Nikki has gotten a feeding tube placed - w/o any hesitation... because she understands that it is what is needed to recover. She also has accepted the reality that despite her emotions, beliefs & distortions - which her ED causes - that she needs to regain proper nutrition, strength, health & weight, as is ordered by her medical providers, as well as staying recovery focused, as determined & positive as possible & as health allows, staying active... especially in the things that make her happy in her life... her goals, her passions & her dreams. She's also come to realize that, w/o better health, those things are not possible...
Nikki has had many times in the past when she was defiant, negative, in denial, didn't care enough about herself nor her life... but this IS NOT the past! Nikki has gone through many extreme changes... she has become a stronger, more positive person w/ HUGE determination to keep up this fight for her life! This does NOT mean that life is or will now be easy... struggles & slips could come still... but Nikki wants to live and push past these set backs whenever they hit! Her faith, her own determination, treatment & this group are what can help her to do that... those that like this page can help her by supporting & encouraging her to keep her focus on her recovery & health!
Nikki had tried countless times in this past several months while being recovery focused in most of that time, only stalled from the recovery focus by feelings of defeat & hopelessness w/the constant denials from programs that she'd tried to get into and one that she did get into but was discharged from only 14 days later when they realized that they could not keep her due to the severity of her other health issues and frustration among the community at the facility at that time w/ the confusion of all this & hostilities of some who just didn't understand nor believe the reality of her struggles... she'd get let down but then get right back to fighting... searching for what else could help her as she did the best she could on her own as well. Recently, w/ the assistance of her medical providers, and supporters, Nikki learned that once certain insurance coverage issues are resolved, she will be able to be admitted soon into Rosewood Ranch for her Anorexia, back in Wickenburg, AZ... about an hr. away from her new home... to get needed help & more monitored support for the parts of her ED which she cannot do completely on her own. She is NOT at all giving up, nor depending on them to "save" nor "fix" it for her. She is merely asking for more experienced care from a place that specializes in assisting people like her, who need more help than outpatient care allows to bring her a point where she can regain that health, weight, stabilize nutritionally and medically... in her case, stabilizing medically as far as can be done w/ consideration of her other unrelated health issues & the damages that may be &/or are permanent... or that will take longer to mend. She is seeking assistance in getting herself to the point where she can manage her health & nutrition on a steady & consistent basis, w/o emotions & issues reclaiming the control. Also to help her to learn how to prevent the slips & to better deal w/ them if they aren't prevented in time... so she can start moving forward... onto those goals & dreams!
Please do not assume that EVERYTHING on this is because of her ED ONLY or solely because of ANY 1 issue... Even when she is doing everything she can do, as per medical order, because of her other issues or from the amount of damage done to her body from her ED or a combination there of... there are times when she still cannot just repair it on her own... or w/ sheer will power and determination.. Also, please don't assume
that just because a picture or comment or post or video posted on 1 of the sites doesn't to YOU appear to be recovery focused or showing progress, that in reality it isn't showing just that exactly... because we are all very different & we all heal differently too! Also, recovery & healing are not just a escalative & progressive process... there ARE still UPS AND DOWNS in ANY recovery & healing process. Please remember that, although some are, not all of Nikki's health issues are able to be fixed nor controlled by her will power, courage, or determination... some may never really be "fixed' but will need to be dealt w/ for her entire life... some have the potential to still become worsened despite anything Nikki does to attempt to prevent it from happening... NOT all her illnesses were caused by her ED... some just happened as part of her life! Some she was born w/ and always has had... Certain of her issues will/could still be a threat to her life... Still, Nikki does her best each day despite, to keep determined to succeed & have a life to live - not just an existence... a life! A life filled w/ health, hope, fun/happiness, new experiences & the fulfillment of her goals & dreams!!
Your support is greatly appreciated!

Soon there will be a CD recorded by Nikki and MP3 formats of each song available w/ a to be determined by YOU donation cost. Other items will also soon be available for donatiuon purchase... 100% of profits of all sold items will go directly to the seperate fundraising bank account in Nikki Michaella Martello's name.
You can also donate directly to the bank via direct deposit /transfer... In order to do that you will need the following information:
the bank: Bank of America
thier phone #: ( within US) 1-800-432-1000 - OR 0 (outside the US call collect at) 315-724-4022
TTY: 1-800-288-4408
the Direct Deposit ACH R/T #: 122101706
name on the account: Nikki Michaella Martello
the Account #: 457026427281

Soon I will post a mailing address as well should you wish to mail in any donations &/or also at this address cards/letters/ etc. of support, compassion & encouragement would be gladly welcomed and also appreciated and would be given to Nikki!
Should you have any questions/concerns/comments/ etc. you may send an e-mail to

Thank you & many blessings to all! :)
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