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This is the Meika Surgery and Recovery Fund. The funds will be used to get the necessary surgeries for survival and recovery.

Facebook group: Meika is a 1 year old toy poodle that was recently attacked by a wild coyote in my neighborhood. I heard the yelp and ran to her aid, but she had already received a vicious attack by the coyote and was being carried off. I jumped the fence and managed to successfully scare the coyote off and drop her, but she was in bad condition. After rushing her immediately to the emergency clinic, they told me of her serious condition and dim prognosis. She was not responsive in her hind legs with no movement and a stiff upper body. I was told she had brain trauma along with a fracture in her spine and multiple puncture wounds in her abdomen and neck. I waited for her brain swelling to go down and see if she was fighting to get better or not before making a decision as to whether to follow through with treatment or not. Her vitals and there was slight movement in her hind legs. This showed me that she still had a fighting chance and that she was trying to regain full consciousness. As I petted her before making a decision, she moved with my hand as she usually does and although she was in a lot of pain, I could see she was not giving up. I had the doctor's do whatever they could to get her vitals back up and she is slowly recovering. She will need two major surgeries upfront in order for her to recover from the attack. The first is a spinal surgery to check and repair the fracture between her T-11 and T-12 vertebrae. The second is an abdominal surgery to remove the gasses left from the bites along with the possibility of a punctured lug and intestine. As with all pets, the veterinarian surgeons and staff refuse to do any work without upfront payment and I have tried applying for all possible credit options to no avail. There are no payment plans available through the hospital, so I am trying everything I can to be able to get her the treatment she needs. Last update I received she has stable vitals, but they were in the process of giving her multiple treatments. Updates: 11/13 10:20pm - First brought to emergency room. X-rays and examination done. Worries about brain trauma, spinal cord injury, fractured back, and multiple puncture wounds. Doctor said she was in really bad condition and tried to push for euthanasia based on condition. 11/14 1:00am - Doctor got annoyed with us waiting on any updates on her brain trauma to make a final decision. We viewed Meika in the back and saw movement and awareness to the fact we were there petting her. We also saw movement in her legs, although minor, gave us hope. 11/14 2:00am - After discussing their ability for treatment options they finally told us the care center they were going to transfer her to in the morning was able to admit her immediately and had the necessary equipment to fully examine her. We asked for a transport vehicle to move her since she was in an oxygen tank. 11/14 4:00am - She was admitted into her current emergency hospital. She looked more alert than before and was given treatment shortly after being admitted. Initial exam showed a low temperature of 93 degrees. 11/14 6:00am - Doctor gave us list of current treatment options. Asked for a current status on her health (temperature was main concern). She was back up to 100.5 degrees (a great sign!). 11/14 10:00am - Spoke with surgical consult. He needs a CT Scan for the fractured spine to assess what treatment options are available and along with a surgical exploration of the puncture wounds to assess the damage there as well. Surgical consult was glad to see good muscle tone in the hind legs along with a reaction when he pinched her toes. Consult believes she has a good chance of recovery provided the puncture wounds aren't too bad. 11/14 4:00pm - CT Scan has been performed and there is confirmation of spinal injury on the T11-T12 vertebrae. She is currently awaiting spinal surgery involving removing bone from the problem area to reduce pressure on the spinal cord as well as installation of two metal rods to keep the vertebrae from slipping or moving and damaging the spinal cord. Unfortunately these metal rods will be permanent. The puncture wounds in the abdominal region will be looked at and flushed out after she begins to recover from the spinal surgery. 11/15 8:30am - Meika had surgery last night for her spinal injury. A spinal staple was placed on the T11-T12 vertebrae and 20-30% of bone was removed in order to relieve pressure on the spinal cord. She was stable enough after the spinal surgery for her abdominal surgery and they discovered there was a puncture into the stomach, so they flushed everything they could out and sewed/repaired the openings. During recovery last night there was an overdose of antibiotics and she had a seizure, but luckily they were able to act on the situation and after some morphine she started to stabilize. As of now she is resting and still in recovery. One of the major concerns is her inability to relieve herself on her own, so they're hoping to see some improvement with that sometime today or tomorrow. Just keep praying or crossing your fingers for her full recovery and thank you all so much for the support. 11/15 2:30pm - Visited Meika and spoke with technician in charge of her recovery. She is recovering well and there have been no further issues after the crash during the night. She is still having issues with her hind legs and are still monitoring her for the ability to relieve herself on her own. She is still in pain from surgery, but her vitals are much better than the night before. She is no longer in the oxygen tank and able to stay in a cage while recovering. 11/16 3:00pm - Checked in hospital to speak with Doctor on any updates and visit Meika. She is still recovering well, but unable to move her legs very well or urinate on her own. Doctor believes there is still very good muscle tension and she is trying to move them, but her lower region is too weak from the spinal injury and surgery. She has the ability to hold herself up for a few seconds before slowly letting her hind quarters fall. They are hoping for more improvement tomorrow, especially her ability to relieve herself without help.
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