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Our first fundraiser was a huge success - because people like you were generous enough to donate their hard earned money to Jeremy and Samantha.  Please visit the new site that has updated information about Jeremy's battle with this aggressive form of cancer.  

I encourage you to continue supporting Jeremy and Samantha financially, even $5 will make a difference:

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Jeremy is 27 years old and full of life. He is married to his beautiful bride Samantha Hunt, who he has known since 4th grade. Jeremy and Samantha attended elementary, middle, and high school together. They have three wonderful growing children (Ellie 9, Parkus 2, and Paisley 1). The Hunt family leads an active and fulfilling life in Sunbury Ohio, living in the home Jeremy's grandparents lived in. Jeremy's parents later bought the home, now Jeremy, Samantha, and their family recently bought the home to hold on to all the memories it has and add even more.

On Tuesday October 16th 2012 Jeremy was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma (cancer) in his right foot. He had gone to the doctor to have a lump on the bottom of his foot checked out, as it was causing him some pain. After a biopsy of the lump Jeremy was referred to an oncologist who shared the burdensome news. The doctor suggested amputation of the foot as course of treatment and ordered additional tests in case the cancer spread. Jeremy had a scan of his chest and head later that week on October 18th and 19th. As you can imagine this unexpected news was extremely difficult to fathom for everyone, considering Jeremy's young age.

On Tuesday October 23rd Jeremy and Samantha attended their follow up appointment with their oncologist and found out the cancer spread to his lungs and lymph nodes. Jeremy, Samantha and their doctor all agreed to fight the cancer and scheduled the amputation of Jeremy's right foot for the following day. Jeremy and Samantha arrived at James Cancer Hospital at 5am on Wednesday October 24th two hours before the scheduled surgery. They were supported by their family and friends who also arrived before surgery to encourage Jeremy and Samantha. The surgery took approximately two hours and the medical team in charge of his medical care expect Jeremy to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days until his pain is at a manageable level. Jeremy has been walking laps in the hospital, which is a great accomplishment that truly is a testament to the fact he is ready to fight!

Sunday October 28th Jeremy had a CT scan of his chest. He has been running a low grade fever, his oxygen level is low and has been experiencing some residual pain. As a result the doctors ordered blood cultures to check for infection and the scan to rule out a blood clot on his lungs. The Hunts will receive results from the blood culture on Monday. Jeremy's next big "step" in his battle is his appointment on November 6th where he and Samantha will hear the suggested course of treatment for the lungs and Lymph nodes.

To top it all off Parkus, Jeremy and Samantha's son, fell out of his bed in the middle of the night and broke his elbow last week (October 30th).  Samantha and her mother took Parkus to Children;s Hospital, and they now have even more unexpected medical bills to worry about.

Last week (the week of 10/30/12) Jeremy found out he actually has high grade sarcoma (not clear cell as they were told previously), and it's stage four.  Jeremy and his amazing wife Samantha are battling this disease with all that they have. His friends and family are rallying around them to show support in any way they can. Many people ask Jeremy and Samantha to let them know if they need anything. The biggest way you can help is to donate to help the Hunt family with medical and other expenses during this time.  Jeremy's full time job is a sales position so while he's hospitalized, or at home unable to work, their income will be cut by more than half.  It's hard to imagine not only worrying about your health, but also insurmountable medical bills and day to day bills like a mortgage payment, groceries, and Christmas which is coming up right around the corner.

If you'd like to donate, but not through the website, please mail a check to the Hunts directly.

The check should be made payable to Samantha Hunt:

129 North Columbus Street
Sunbury Ohio 43074
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