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Teresa is suffering from breast cancer. Family & friends are praying you may be able to help them during this time of need.

Teresa Venter was diagnosed with an excellerated level of breast cancer six years ago. Having a husband who needs to travel out of state just make enough to scrape by, raising 5 children, and living in a home with no running water nor a functioning bath room & shower, has made it very difficult for Teresa to meet her most simplist of needs during this time of struggle.  We are hoping to bless them in a way that her husband can be home to take care of her and they can either upgrade their small home or move to a place that will better meet Teresa's and the family's needs.  Please read their story below:

John and Teresa Venter, along with their five children; Sylvie, Roland, Chloe, Naomi and Addy, live in Industry, Maine. They purchased a small home and property with the dream of starting “Venter’s Yesteryear Farm”, in which they would harvest and sell heirloom fruits, veggies and meats. Prior to being able to pursue this dream, Teresa was diagnosed with breast cancer in the spring of 2006. Since then, they have struggled financially. John has been forced to take construction jobs out of state which keeps him away from his family and home for three weeks at a time and then one week home. All the while, Teresa would be taking care of the children, nurturing and homeschooling each of them individually, as well as caring for the home. As her condition progresses, the everyday tasks of taking care of a home and her children have taken a tole on her. The need for John to be home and take care of the woman who has taken care of his home and children is tremendous. Unfortunately, that will increase the financial struggle dramatically. Please join us in blessing them by donating what ever you can or feel comfortable with, so that we can keep this family together and focus on getting Teresa well.

The financial need: Since the initial purpose of the home they live in was to expand and live off the land, it does not having running water nor a bath room, and shower. Due to Teresa’s condition, there is a great need to make these upgrades to the home.  Installing a functioning bath room and running water will be a big job.  Yet, it will provide Teresa with the ability to take care of herself and her family with much needed ease. 

Letter from John: How can I come to those who do not know me in person? I pray that God will open your hearts to the needs of our family. I come before you in this letter asking for help. For I believe my family has a real need. For a long time, I battled with asking for anything, for I did not want to lean on man’s arm, but wholly trust in the God of all creation. For He is able to do exceedingly above what is asked and I am trusting that He will do more than I am asking. I have waited a long time to ask these things and do feel the freedom to ask now. I believe that God will bless through his children. My wife has had cancer for a time now. We have decided to trust Christ in this. I have watched her for years now and this last time I was home, I have seen her in pain that I have not seen her in before. Now, I have watched her give birth to all five of our children and we did it all at home trusting God. I have watched God work in ways in our family, where the world would say we were nuts. But God was faithful to us with all five. Trusting Him with home births by ourselves, He was, and is faithful always. But, now we have a much greater concern. I would like to ask for your help. I’m working away from home 3 weeks and one week home. Being away from home, I cannot give my wife the care I would like. For we homeschool also and it is now too much for her to do. I would like to pay off what I owe so I can be home with Teresa and do all that I can for her. If I can be home I can bless her with all my time, and she will have need of nothing; at least the best I can. What more can I say? I would like to be free to help my wife always in all she needs. I once saw a pro basketball player want to help the homeless. He said if we all would put a little in, we can do a lot. May God bless you all. If all some of you can do is pray, than that is all I ask of you . Acts 12:5 “So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” Sincerely, John R Venter Jr.

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