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(Late) June update on Rico's progress!

Posted by Ariel Horner on July 1st, 2013


Hello everyone!

Sorry again for the lack of updates. I come bearing good news, though. I was able to spend a solid month with Rico through May and June and I must tell you he is doing much better. When I first arrived, he was having major problems with mobility. After the second surgery, his left side was very weak and he had trouble doing the most basic of tasks. Towards the end of May, he enrolled in a physical therapy program and let me say, what a difference it has made! Rico went from barely being able to do his basic house work to being able to feed, clean, and treat his animals like he had before (not to mention take care of himself and me)! We even managed to go on our first hike together post-operation. He also completed the standard treatment of six weeks combined chemotherapy and radiation, with only the complication of a little hair loss. Amazing!!! The trip was overwhelmingly encouraging and Rico is continuing to progress back towards life before his diagnosis.

While he has made leaps and bounds in fighting this disease, Rico is not yet out of the woods. Today, he is flying back to Cleveland to partake in a pivotal point in his recovery. Tomorrow, he will undergo an MRI that will determine whether the cancer has grown since his surgery. If it has not, our boy will receive the life-saving vaccine treatment he so desperately needs! To sum up this process, a lab has combined Rico’s tumor tissue and white blood cells to make a revolutionary vaccine that will stimulate his immune system to attack his specific tumor cells. How amazing, right? Rico, myself, and all his close friends and family are very nervous and excited about what tomorrow brings. I am encouraging all of you to send positive energy and thoughts his way as we wait to find out the results. Feel free to send him some encouraging words at

If all goes well tomorrow, Rico will be making a series of trips back to Cleveland in order to receive his multiple vaccine treatments. All your donations have helped IMMENSELY with travel, medical, and daily bills so far! Special thanks to Aaron of iHerp for holding so many auctions, especially this June. We encourage you to keep an eye on his page ( for future auction events. While we hope all goes well tomorrow, we still need your help in order to make sure Rico can travel for his vaccine treatments or travel to other facilities if treatment does not go as planned. Please continue to spread the word about Rico’s story and donate when you can. No amount is too big or too small, and we really do appreciate anything you can give.

Stay tuned, as I hope to post an update about Rico’s MRI tomorrow. Fingers crossed everyone!

Best wishes,


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