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Post-surgery update

Posted by Ariel Horner on May 8th, 2013


Hello everyone,

Sorry again for the delays; it has been one hell of a month! Good news is the surgery was a SUCCESS and Rico is back at home resting. He also started chemo and radiation on Tuesday and is finally taking the first big steps towards recovery.

While Rico’s surgery was a success, there were some scary moments. To sum up, Rico drove to Cleveland, OH for experimental surgery around the beginning of April. The day before his surgery, doctors found a prominent blood clot in his leg during his pre-surgery work up. Thankfully, a filter was able to be implanted into his leg and the doctors could proceed with the surgery. The surgery went very well and over 95% of the tumor tissue was removed. Other than some visual and physical weakness in his left side and some short term memory issues after surgery, Rico seemed no worse for wear. But, for those of you who know Rico, he never goes the easy route. During one of his post –surgery tests, the hospital staff diagnosed him with a pulmonary embolism. The standard treatment of large doses of blood thinners was not an option since he had just had surgery; everyone was obviously worried. The hospital watched Rico carefully and started him on very low doses of blood thinners with the plan to increase the dose as he healed. And that’s what happened, and again things were going according to plan. He was later discharged from the hospital and admitted into the hospital’s rehabilitation facility. After finishing a bout of physical therapy on the 26th, the rehab doctor came and took Rico’s vitals; his heart rate was through the roof! Rico had gone into atrial fibrillation and was rushed to the ICU. Yeah, he can never take the easy way.

But like I mentioned earlier, all is fine now. Rico was again discharged and his heart rate and blood pressure have been stable since he has been home. He is on a steady regime of blood thinners and heart medication which seem to be doing the trick. He is walking and settling back into a normal (well, semi-normal) routine. His diet has changed to help limit his intake of sugar, a key component in glioblastoma growth. This will hopefully help halt any additional tumor growth.

Rico has been to Cleveland within the past week in order to proceed with the steps towards starting the immunotherapy. So far, everything is looking good but we still have a few hurdles to get through. Darlene has been doing an amazing job taking care of him thus far and I will be flying up soon to help out as well.

Your donations have already helped out so much, and Rico and his friends and family would like to give you our greatest thanks. Your donations have allowed him to travel to get treatment, pay medical bills, and keep Signal Herp running. But Rico will soon be done with chemo and radiation and will need to travel back to Cleveland for immunotherapy. He still needs your help! This charity will soon be coming to an end and I want to make sure Rico has enough funds to continue with his medical treatment and to support himself and his business. Let’s make a big push to try and reach our GiveForward goal! Please continue to share Rico’s story and continue to donate or participate in the iHerp auctions. Rico will beat this but he needs your help to do it. Thank you all and look forward to more updates soon.



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