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This is Spice's cancer fund. The funds will be used for Spice's medical costs and related expenses. All donations are greatly appreciated!

I adopted Spice from a coworker more than 8 years ago. She has a dynamic personality, which occasionally expresses itself as a right of possession over anything that captures her interest. Whenever she has determined that a certain spot is the place where she will deign to reside that space will remain hers until she discovers another. She enjoys chewing on the elastic adjustible part of my sport pants that no longer fit me, but that I keep around just for her enjoyment. Her new thing is to wake me early every morning so that I can turn on the cold water for her to drink from the bathroom sink.

Spice has remained an important and richly meaningful part of my life throughout each moment of all these years. Spice has been my reliable and comforting companion providing me a reminder and encouragement to move forward with compassion and creativity. Her presence has also provided me with comfort and emotional enrichment which helps drive me to work through my medical limitations. The past few years have been rather challenging for me.
Spice has managed to comfort me expressing herself through her looks and unique mannerisms whereas some people manage to express themselves without exhaustion or meaning. I don’t know what I would have done without her during those most difficult times. She was able to comfort me in my time of need; I would like to do the same for her now that she needs medical help.
When I learned of Spice’s cancer, I went home dejected, knowing that I would not be able to afford the treatment. I felt like I had failed her and would continue to fail her because I could not provide her with the medical treatment that she needed.
Spice has breast cancer and needs a masectomy. I've brought her to 3 different animal facilities and I have chosen Bidewee to be the place where the operation will take place. I chose them because of their compassionate care and their professionalism while dealing with me and Spice.
I have received a grant from the Dog and Cancer fund, but it does not cover all the costs of the surgery.
I am still recovering from my medical issues and am currently on disabilty, which is a fixed income. After my living expenses and bills are paid for, I do not have enough to cover the cost of Spice's medical care. I'm already in debt due to my medical issues and cannot afford to incur more debt.
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